Air Drama Theatre present: EXiT

Directed by Colm S. Herron. Written and performed by Eaman Craig.

As I was shuffling in, making my way to the back of a packed room at Sandinos back bar, I noticed the heat of the audience had already begun to unleash… even the ice cubes in my glass of Red Bull had started to sweat, but that was nothing compared to the passion and energy which was about to be transmitted on stage.

EXiT, written and performed by Eaman Craig, directed by Colm S Herron is a play full of emotion, humour, resentment, and also derryisms, exploring themes that many musicians would encounter within the music industry.

The play follows the story of musician Jonah Walker, played by Eaman Craig, who is trying to make the ultimate career decision. He has come to a cross roads in his life where he has to choose between selling out to a glossy mainstream record company who would have total control over his music and image, or to remain independent and ultimately have a total say in what he wants to do while knowing that the same level of success may not be guaranteed, however this path would mean struggle is inevitable.

Tackling issues of Jonah’s past and present, EXiT explores his battle in which he must decide between what may be best for his career, and making the music he wants to make. It gives an insight into the turmoil some musicians stumble upon when setting out on the road to acceptance, while also acknowledging the fact that individual personalities can lead to self-destruction within an industry that takes no prisoners.

Eaman is at home on the stage, and his energy is contagious. Performed brilliantly, Eaman had the audience captivated throughout.

So what next for Jonah Walker? Well, Eaman takes his one-man play on the road to the Edinburgh Fringe this August where I am sure it will be as big a hit as it was in Sandinos last night.

Sandnos, Wednesday 24th June 2015


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