Basork join Blato Zlato for a Balkan music feast

Sandinos Main Venue, Saturday 23rd June

Above, Blato Zlato.

The sound of the Balkans will fill the air when New Orleans-based band ‘Blato Zlato’ and our own local ‘Basork’ take to the stage for what’s sure to be an incredible night of live music.

Falling nicely into a unique genre titled ‘progressive Balkan folk-rock’, Blato Zlato perform folk and composed music from the Balkans and Eastern Europe with a particular focus on Bulgarian songs and dark, improvisational arrangements.

There are elements of classical, jazz, and even psychedelic and metal seep through their folk arrangements, and the group reveal that they are inspired by ancient traditions of their heritage and the musical influences of their lives today.

The U.S. band are just about to embark on a European tour and will appear in Sandinos Main Venue on Saturday 23rd June alongside Basork.

Basork member Marty Coyle revealed how the Derry leg of the tour came about: “The concert came about just by a random chat online with myself and the Blato Zlato” said Marty.

Above, Basork.

“They'd expressed coming to Ireland about a year ago and we've just kept in touch since, sharing music and listening to each others stuff. We're considering getting both groups on stage together at the show.

“The lads have a nice run of Irish dates, and we're delighted to be the port of call now for a lot of jazz/folk/fusion bands that are coming into the country, and also with another few bands in southern Ireland too.

“As the scene is still quite niche in Ireland, it's great that we can use the internet as a tool be be connected to a worldwide music community.”

Marty explained what the local audience can look forward to when Blato Zlato come to town: “What first hit me about Blato Zlato's sound was the fantastic vocal harmonies from the three female singers, and also the authenticity of their delivery in a Balkan style. This backed by some virtuoso violin and BIG beats, I can't wait to hear them live” said Marty.

Basork are also gearing up for a busy summer ahead with their own tour and also new music which is currently in the pipeline. “Basork will be playing Irish Festivals throughout the summer” revealed Marty.

“We have also just started to record our second album this month. We're really excited to get this new material out there and we have even more musicians joining us in the orchestra. Expect new music very soon” said Marty.

You can catch Blato Zlato and Basork at Sandinos Main Venue on Saturday 23rd June from 9pm. Entry, £7.


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