Catmando, consisting of Alex Lindsay and Stuart Doonan have been enlightening local audiences with their Progressive Glitch Pop, which at times has crossed over to Hip Hop… but one thing’s for sure, their brand of electronica is food to the ears. 

The Catmando project itself has been running for a few years, but it has only been recently that the guys have started to share their live sound with us.

Now under the label ‘Made In City Records’, Catmando will release a new single this summer before foreign lands come calling (the lads will be relocating to Leeds later this year), a new album is on the horizon and also a music video to follow on from last year’s EP titled ‘Recluse’ which was released under 'Phat New Beats'.

Setting up at the Walled City Brewery, surrounded by equipment, there were as many leads as there were beats flowing from the speakers. The guys are tight, the music accomplished, and it will be Derry’s loss when they set off for pastures new. The future’s bright…and electronic, the future’s Catmando.

The Walled City Brewery, Wednesday, 24 June


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