INTERVIEW: Louise DaCosta set to release her debut album

VIM VITAE, released on 11th February

Derry’s very own award winning DJ, Louise DaCosta is set to release her debut album next month on the newly formed label DaCosta Records.

‘ VIM VITAE’ will hit the digital shelves worldwide on 11th February on stores including iTunes, Beatport and Spotify, and the local DJ told us about the release when we caught up with her this week.

“The title of the album is Vim Vitae, which means life force. That's the whole concept of the album there really, that everything is a product of life force of energy and is so related to it. From love to death and everything in between.

“That's the general idea with it and then each individual track has its own theme as well as verbal and visual art accompaniment. The track ‘Tolls’  in particular is a pretty obvious one around the subject of death i.e. for whom the bell tolls. I was inspired by a few things to write this, David Byrne's explanation of Road to nowhere, about having a ‘resigned, even joyful look at doom’.

“As a massive Talking Heads fan, I read that  quote years ago and it always stuck with me, that yes, death is inevitable but if fact in the face of that its actually a unifying factor amongst humanity, as it is something we all experience, its as much a  part of life as living is. That and the recent passing of a very dear friend, who I will be dedicating the album to.

“Each track has a theme and is about my own experiences in life, everywhere I've ever been, everyone I've ever met, everything I've ever felt.  Its a real passion project and a much deeper vibe than my usual sound, but it was something I was very keen to do. There still a few of the usual the bangers on there too though, it’s not all serious” laughed Louise.

“I’ve also linked in with some incredibly talented local artists like George Hutton who will be providing some vocals and Frank Rafferty will be linking in with some poetry” said Louise.

It’s been a busy start to the year already for Louise, 2019 not only begins with the release of her debut album, but she has also decided to set up her own label, DaCosta Records.

“Well there was a few reasons really [for setting up the label], a major factor was being able to publish my own music without any constraints. The album itself isn't exactly mainstream sound so I would have had to amend it to suit another label, so autonomy and this is soo cliché, but true was creative and artistic freedom.

“Secondly though and even more importantly, was being able to support, publish and develop homegrown talent. I'm a huge proponent of pushing Irish artists and have seen many rejected from larger labels for no real reason other than that their music was a touch leftfield. I'm all about fostering that creativity, that's the whole point for me.

“I'm not an arbiter of taste, that's for the public to decide what they listen to, however if the music isn't even getting published how can they know about it. We've signed loads of quality homegrown talent so far including Shane Reynolds, LTGTR & KIRK, Karl & Tees, Groova, lots of other international artists also including Richard Fraoili [USA] & Angel Heredia [Spain]. That's what DaCosta Records is all about, signing real artists, releasing real music and throwing real parties. So if anyone out there reading this fancies getting involved then hit us up at”

To celebrate the launch, DaCosta Records will be taking over Bennigans Bar on Saturday 9th February and Louise gave us an insight as to what we can expect.

“It’s basically like a label showcase kicking off in the labels hometown” said Louise.” We've quite a few of our new signings coming up to play as well as some live performances from singers & musicians etc so bit of a mad rave with some live vibes thrown in for good measure. Really looking forward to it actually, the last event we did in Bennigans was jam packed and great craic. So hopefully see you all there!”


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