Velvet Alibi

Velvet Alibi were in town for a stomping performance at Bennigans Bar. 

The 11 piece band boasts an impressive line-up including Neil Burns, (AKA Comrade Hat) on Keys, Joseph Leighton (from Kashmir Krows) on Guitar, Gary Quigley (from Soul Seekers) on trumpet and not to mention founding members Anna Nolan on lead vocals and Rohan Armstrong on bass.

The guys describe themselves as a funk orchestra and from the outset it was clear why. With enough members that they could start their own football team, each and every band member had a function and complimented those around fitting snuggly within a musical glove while oozing energy in the process.

Standing at the back of the bar - I’m not anti-social, that’s simply where I like to get a complete scope of the gig - it was obvious the funk was contagious. Heads grooving to the slick tunes, the strong soulfulness of Nolan’s voice grabbing hold of every corner of the room by the scruff and taking the audience on a musical journey.

The crowd were only too happy to oblige, taken in by the groove and sax solos while throwing some words back at the band in the process.

One of the key benefits of when a large group musicians with different backgrounds successfully come together is that their individual musical interests come to the forefront which is why a vast array of genres is evident in the music of Velvet Alibi. Elements of Funk, Rock, Reggae, Disco and Soul can be plucked from their sound and before you know it, your head starts bopping and your feet start moving. It's safe to say Bennigans felt the groove on Saturday night.

Bennigans Bar. Saturday 17th October


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