Velvet Alibi ‘Addicted To You’

The local band have released their second single

Derry based groove ensemble Velvet Alibi have released their second single ‘Addicted To You’ which is now available on itunes, Bandcamp, Amazon and Spotify.

The local band were formed in 2015 by London born vocalist Anna Nolan and Armagh bassist Rohan Armstrong and features some of the finest musicians Derry has to offer.  Playing in a variety of sizes, from a 5 piece to a 13 piece, the group have built a reputation for their extremely energetic live shows.

The new track, which has been described as ‘Psychedelic Funk Rock’ – gives a taste of the band’s energetic live sound, and features Joseph Leighton who is one of the finest young jazz guitarists to emerge on the Irish jazz scene.

Velvet Alibi - Addicted To You (Official Video)

The release is accompanied by a cinematic video made in collaboration with Banyan Theatre, Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company and Living Witness Productions.

Revealing the meaning behind the new track, Velvet Alibi’s vocalist and songwriter Anna Nolan says: “On the surface ‘Addicted To You’ is a song about a toxic love relationship, although beneath this guise looms the destructive cyclic nature of addiction in its many forms.”

You can grab a copy of the new release here:


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