Build your Dreamcatcher at The Void

Saturday, 17th November from 2-4pm

Inspired by their current exhibition, The Long Note, by Helen Cammock and referencing the history of Derry’s Shirt Factories, you can hand weave your own dream catcher from old shirts at the Void Gallery.

Traditionally dream catchers are believed to have originated from the Ojibwe Chippewa tribe in particular the Lakota tribe. The Ojibwe word for dream catcher actually means spider referring to the web woven loosely around the hoop. According to Ojibwa story a mystical and maternal "spider woman" served as a protected to the tribe, as the tribe grew the spider woman found it difficult protect and watch over her tribe and so the first dream catcher was made as a means of protection.

The silent voices of our female ancestry can be celebrated by creating our own versions of a dream Catchers. Creating a blanket of protection, weaving our webs using old shirts, and in doing so referencing the female staff in the shirt factories working in Derry in the 1960's and onwards. The dream catchers will be handwoven in various sizes and shapes.

The family friendly workshop is suitable for ages 4 and over, admission is free but booking is essential as spaces are limited. Please email to register your interest. Please note: children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


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