Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement Returns for 5th Edition

Running from 7th-18th November

Above, image taken from Alexandra Soshnikova and Sergei Golovnea's 'Gravity Free Point'. Wed 8th Nov 12.30pm at the Craft Village. Entry Free. 

Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement returns for its 5th edition from 7th-18th November with an outstanding programme of dance, movement and physical theatre. 

Performances include a series of improvisations in various city locations led by members of  Moldovan dance group Voices ; acclaimed German children’s dance company Mini-a-Tour with their magical work ‘Fallen From the Moon’ for ages 4 and up; Swedish company Lavadans  presenting a multi-media production ‘Vice Versa’ addressing  the impact of war specifically on the lives and experiences of children;  Swiss company Junebug will return to Derry with their internationally acclaimed production ‘WICCA’  a celebration of Womanhood and the power of Gentleness; 4 piece band This is How we Fly and Sean Nos dancer Sibeal Davitt and Irish step-dancer Kristyn Fontanella present a double bill of music and dance at Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin; festival also includes two evenings of the popular Short Works by local and visiting artists created from the Festival Open Call.

Echo Echo Festival of Dance & Movement 2017

Commenting on the upcoming festival, Artistic Director Steve Batts said: “We continue this year with our approach of programming a mix of work by artists with a long term relationship with Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company, artists new to us and to our region while continuing to favour work which is clearly rooted in the ideas that it is people who dance... not just bodies.”

The festival not only contains incredible live shows, but also a packed programme of daily classes and workshops, a concert by the fantastic, funky, flavoursome Velvet Alibi, Festival Symposium, and family friendly Dance Picnic.

Coming up this year!

Alexandra Soshnikova and Sergei Golovnea: ‘Gravity Free Point’
Public performance: Wed 8th Nov 12.30 | The Craft Village (free event)
‘The silence between movement’
Where is the point that it is easiest to change direction from? Where you can start again and find a new surprise? These beautiful improvisation performances will explore such moments in dance and movement. Created by the Echo Echo Ensemble under the direction of Alexandra Soshnikova and Sergei Golovnea of Voices Dance Company, Chisinau, Moldova, and in collaboration with musicians Rohan Armstrong and Meilana Gillard.


‘The Other Side of Fear’ and ‘Gravity Free Point’ Double Bill (Tickets £10/£8 conc)
Sat 11th Nov 8pm and Sun 12th Nov 8pm | Echo Echo Studios
The founders of Voices Company in Moldova are two wonderfully poetic and athletic dance artists.  Our audiences may remember them from Echo Echo projects during City of Culture 2013. Alexandra and Sergei present their beautiful new duet piece ‘The Other Side of Fear’ and direct ‘Gravity Free Point’ by the Echo Echo Ensemble –  Ayesha Mailey, Kelly Quigley, Zoe Ramsey, Tonya Sheina and Steve Batts - with musicians Rohan Armstrong and Meilana Gillard.

Short Works (Tickets £10 /£8 conc)
Wed 8th Nov 8pm and Thur 9th Nov 8pm | Echo Echo Studios
A truly diverse programme of short dance, movement and physical theatre works selected from an international open call. Artists and companies from far and wide including Belorussia, Hungary, Denmark, Mexico and more. 

‘Tradition and Beyond’ – Double Bill (Tickets £10 / £8 conc)
Sibéal Davitt and Kristyn Fontanella (Dance) | This is How we Fly (Music and Dance)
Fri 10th Nov 8pm | Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin, Great James Street
A double bill of dance and music in which new kinetic and sonic fruits appear from deep roots in tradition. ‘As We Know It’ by Sibéal Davitt and Kristyn Fontanella
Enveloping sounds, rhythms, and patterns – a frank conversation between a Sean-nós dancer and traditional Irish step dancer who question and re-question: what is Irish Dance?
‘This is How we Fly’ is an acclaimed contemporary folk four-piece of sublime talent with a special take on traditional forms in music and dance.

Mini-A-Tour (FAMILY | Tickets £5 / Four for £15) ‘Fallen From The Moon’ a dance performance for children 4 years and up
Sat 11th  Nov and Sun 12th Nov 2pm | Echo Echo Studios
‘Fallen From The Moon’ is the story of a girl who lived on the moon all alone. One day, because of her curiosity, she fell off it. She found herself on Earth (in a junk yard, more precisely), met a whimsical rat, and made friends with a cat inventor…

Lavadans (Tickets £10 / £8 conc) ‘Vice Versa’
Wed 15th and Thur 16th Nov 8pm | Echo Echo Studios
Vice Versa is a multi-media performance project between the visual artist Abdalla Omari (Syria/Belgium) and the dance artist Benno Voorham (Sweden/Netherlands). Vice Versa can be characterised as a documentary performance. 

Junebug (Tickets £10 / £8 conc) ‘WICCA’
Fri 17th Nov 8pm and Sat 18th Nov 7pm | Echo Echo Studios (note earlier time Sat)
With their newest work WICCA, Rosanne Briens, Erin O'Reilly and Sophie Ammann weave together a celebration of Womanhood and the power of Gentleness - sacred, sensual, vulnerable... strong. With an original score by Chris Lynch, their trio explores a sincere and personal representation of feminine existence that finds its power in traversing its natural cycles, and the unity of sisterhood that underlies it all.

Velvet Alibi (Tickets £8) Festival Closing Concert 
Sat 18th Nov 10.30pm | Echo Echo Studios
Closing Echo Echo Festival for the third year running, Velvet Alibi is a large groove ensemble, hailing from the northwest of Ireland. Their expansive sound merges melodic song-writing and lush vocal harmonies with funky beats and virtuosic improvisation. The band have earned themselves an international reputation for hugely energetic live shows in which they continually zig-zag between many genres, always surprising their audience.

Festival Dance Picnic
Sun 12th Nov 12noon-2pm | Echo Echo Studios (FAMILY | £3 per person)
All ages and abilities welcome to dance, move and eat at one of Echo Echo’s favourite and longest running events – the Dance Picnic! No experience necessary and remember to bring some sandwiches or fruit… or cake!

Festival Symposium ‘Ends or means? - Instrumentalism in arts policy and practice’
Sat 18th Nov 2pm – 5pm | Echo Echo Studios (Free event)
An afternoon of discussion on ‘instrumentalism’ in arts policy and practice: reasons, causes, effects, alternatives. We are looking forward to the deeply considered and passionate contributions of Steven Hadley, Fionnuala Kennedy and Anthony McCann.

Classes 11th – 18th Nov (Tickets £4)
Sat 11th Nov 11am – 1pm| Sean-nós dance class with leading Irish choreographer, dancer and teacher, Sibéal Davitt
Mon 13th Nov 4.30pm- 6.30pm | Alexandra Soshnikova and Sergei Golovnea - Exploring the idea of the ‘Gravity Free Point’
Tue 14th Nov 2pm-4pm | Alexander Bondarev and Yulia Tokareva, Mini-A-Tour - Where do movements start in your body? How do you float one element into another one?
Tue 14th Nov 4.30pm- 6.30pm | Youth Dance Workshop (13-18 years) with Alexandra Soshnikova and Sergei Golovnea – Improvisation and choreography.
Wed 15th Nov 10am-12noon | Zoe Ramsey and Tonya Sheina, Echo Echo Ensemble – Gentle Contact Improvisation.
Thur 16th Nov and Fri 17th Nov 10am-12noon | Benno Voorham - ‘In The Moment’ workshop focusing on the instant compositional side of improvisation and developing skills and viewpoints that help us to navigate and make choices in improvisational scores. Attendance at both workshops advised.
Sat 18th Nov 10am-12noon | Junebug – Floorwork, guided improvisation and repertoire from WICCA “Lets make some magic”

Classes are open to anyone 16 + years. Workshops take place in Echo Echo Studios.


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