A Sun Sessions for Halloween

Spring Tides release their new EP

Donegal rowdy Folk Hop'N Roll band are celebrating Halloween in style with the release of their scarily good new EP, titled ‘The Sun Sessions’

The four track EP was recorded in the legendary birthplace of rock and roll, Memphis Tennessee in the Sun Studio.

Speaking to us from the runway before jetting off to Chicago, lead singer James O’Donnell filled us in on the new release. “There are four tracks on the new EP, three mastered and one live as it was recorded in the Sun Studios” said James.

“It will be available online from Halloween night and it will be launched in Sandinos on the 10th November with a bit of help from Jordan O'Keefe and The Easy Street Pickings. People will be able to hear it on all the usual sites, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and they can also get the physical CD's at our gigs and there will be a limited run of vinyl available before Christmas.

“I'm actually sitting on the plane to Chicago right now” laughs the frontman. “I am flying in there and doing a slot on Windy City Irish Radio before heading down to Louisville Kentucky tonight. After that I'll be on WFPK Radio Louisville doing a live session and then I've a couple gigs lined up with in Chicago, Louisville and Nashville.”

Explaining the process for the release, James revealed: “The writing process is the usual for me. I write constantly and when it's time to record we lay down the tracks we're most excited about. ‘Sailor and the Saint’ is a track I wrote nearly 10 years ago whereas ‘Anytime I Choose’ was only written around the time of the recording” said James.

“The recording process was incredible, we travelled to Sun Studios in Memphis and laid down the four tracks. We then did a bit overdubbing back in Blast Furnace with Rory Donaghy.

“We recorded the initial tracks two years ago but we had all sorts of technical issues that meant we didn't get them finished until earlier this year and between the jigs and the reels we're only getting them released now.

“We’re really looking forward to seeing what people make of it all, it's been an incredible journey for us” said James.

You can check out the new release when it drops on Halloween evening, so keep an eye on the guy's Facebook page for more information.   



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