On their new music and new music scene

As of last month local band Catmando have packed up their gear and taken their Progressive Glitch Pop to Leeds where the guys will now be located for the foreseeable future.

September also saw the band release their new single ‘Faceplant’ to great acclaim, taken from the upcoming album ‘Drool’ which will be out later this month. They may now be located across the water but that doesn’t mean we should forget our local bands, so we caught up with the guys to find out how they’re settling into Yorkshire’s music loving city of Leeds.

Where did the name Catmando come from?
Catmando is the name of the cat owned by one of the founders of the Monster Raving Loony Party, which is a legitimate political party in the UK. I think the cat actually became an official party leader or something at some point too.

What were your own musical influences growing up?
I got into music via my parents. There was always music on around the house so my first real musical idols were Neil Young and Bob Dylan. Years later I got religiously into bands like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam. Since then I’ve pretty much been into bits of everything.

When did you first begin producing music?
2004. That’s when I first started making music by myself and putting them online. I actually used the name Catmando back then as well. Some of those early attempts are still floating around the net actually but I’m not going to tell you where because they may be a tad embarrassing.

How would you describe your music?
This is always a tough question so I decided a long time ago to refer to it as Slow-Fi. It isn’t a real genre and it’s my way of saying, I have no idea how to describe it. I try not to concern myself with genre’s too much.

The Catmando project has been going for a few years now, but you guys only really started gigging this year - how did you find the jump from recording to performing your music live?
It was a long and difficult process. We kind of needed to reverse engineer everything and at the start I quickly realised that as a live project it just wasn’t exciting enough. There was a lot of trial and error and a lot of new gear that needed to be bought before things really started coming together. I’m pretty sure it will continue to evolve too.

What would normally be your process for mapping out a song?
I usually start with a melody, often played on guitar because it’s the instrument I’m most comfortable with. Every now and then though I try to change up my approach, for example, by setting myself a series of rules or restrictions to work by. I’m constantly looking for new ways to look at and approach music.

The new album ‘Drool’ is out this month, have you a confirmed date yet for it’s release?
I can’t give an exact date quite yet but it will be late in October.

What would you say have been the main influences for the new album?
The influences are really varied. This is a collection of tracks I have been making over the past two years or so and I realised that a large number of them would fit well on an album. Everything from Brian Eno to Aphex Twin to Portishead to Boards of Canada.

So you guys have now relocated to Leeds... how is the music scene over there at the moment?
The scene is really rather exciting. There are just so many venues, so many promoters, so many fans of different genre’s. We’ve seen new live music almost every night since arriving.

What does the future hold for Catmando?
We are looking to establish ourselves over here and hopefully gig around the UK. I am also already working on a follow up EP which will be a little different and were also working on a little side project which will feature live drums and brass.


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