DAY 3 INTERVIEW: Louise DaCosta

12 Days of Christmas - Give the Gift of Local Music this Year

Ireland’s number one female DJ Louise DaCosta has had a pretty hectic 2017, between touring internationally and releasing numerous charting tracks.

The award winning DJ struggled to highlight a standout moment from 2017 when we caught up with her this week. “In all honesty, there’s just been so many positive things this year its difficult to highlight one thing” said Louise. “From sell out shows all over to chart success both for myself and the label, signing loads of new talent it’s just been crazy.

“I’m looking forward to an ever bigger 2018, with six new tracks signed for release and a tour diary full. This year has been a great buzz all round.”

The local DJ has been pleased with the reaction to her releases throughout this year: “Most definitely” said Louise. “With a series of top 10 and top 20 hits across Beatport and iTunes I’m delighted, and also being featured on over a dozen albums. I've been spending hours in the studio developing my sound and it's paid off for sure and all the support has been incredible. I have to a say a huge thank you to everyone who bought, shared, played or streamed any of my music this year.”

Having toured extensively throughout the year, Louise took in some pretty tasty sights in the process. “Singapore was pretty cool” said Louise. “We stayed at Marina Bay Sands hotel which has the most incredible rooftop infinity pool overlooking the city. I was over the same time as the UFC so we met some of the fighters too. It was good fun all round.

“But again some of the venues I've played this side of the world have been equally awesome. Hit up some festivals over the summer, played Full Moon parties and Boiler Room Style events too. So from opulent eastern venues to underground raves it's been immense. All different but all amazing and it's great to see the standard of Irish venues and events constantly improving. The clubs and crowds at home have been unreal.

“2017 isn't over just yet, and I’ve quite a few more to play before the year is out. Shameless plug, but be sure to check out the Christmas tour dates on my Facebook page” laughed Louise.

LOUISE DACOSTA @ The Wright Venue Dublin.mp4


Louise revealed what we can expect from her new track ‘I Believe’ which is due for release this month: “Firstly it’s a much bigger production and also in this track i've moved more toward a classic house style and away from the electro vibe.

“Im delighted to have two of my favourite artists in the remix package too. Spanish tech-house hero Angel Heredia has brought his Latin vibe to it and Irish artist Unit 29 has come on board with a super funky disco sound, so hopefully there's a mix to suit everyone.

“I have six new tracks ready for release in the new year and and a jam packed diary so lots more music and tons more touring to come” said Louise.

Not only is Louise a successful international DJ and producer, but also head of A&R at Full Tilt Recordings, and she told us who we should be keeping an eye out for next year: “The level of talent coming out of Ireland at the moment is just incredible” said Louise.

“We've signed so many rising stars this year, the likes of Shane Reynolds whose first release hit number 7 in the charts, followed by another top 10 hit with his second release. Label head Tommy Conway has had a real renaissance in terms of his music with a series of Beatport hits this year including one featuring fantastic Irish singer songwriter Grace Day. Debut releases from prominent Irish DJs such  Azzy, Gary Cronly, Majestic Audio, Mister Ryan, Tony Krisp, Mark Roberts, Ronan Harkin, Shane Whoriskey & Chris Crowe all delivered absolute bangers this year.

“As well as irish artists, we've welcomed international talent from Australia and Europe like Aussie producer Commonground who was featured on RTE  with his debut Full Tilt release. We've also had established artists like Angel Heredia and Carl Cox's favourite Jonno Brien releasing with us this year.

“With weekly national & international radio play and support from major DJs the label will be expanding even more in 2018. I'd advise any aspiring or established producers to hit us up and get involved.

“Full Tilt is much more than just a internationally renowned award winning label. We work with all kinds of artists from every genre and have one of the nation’s best professional studios and music education centres.

“Not only do we offer a wide range of production services, like mastering,recording, creating music videos etc with our world class engineers but we develop and manage artists also. We offer simultaneous release on all digital platforms including beatport, itunes, spotify,for a diverse range of artists. Our team is truly passionate about what we do,so if you're a singer, songwriter, musician, dj, band, or producer that wants to reach a worldwide audience then get in touch through”

With so many incredible local acts on the scene at the moment, it’s a great opportunity show your support by giving the gift of local music this year. You can get in touch with Louise to purchase merchandise through online retailers such as iTunes, Amazon and also via Facebook and Soundcloud


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