12 Days of Christmas - Give the Gift of Local Music this Year

Over the past few years, local band the Easy Street Pickings have developed an individual sound all of their own.

Spanning multiple genres, the five piece have a sound that contains little nuggets of inspiration ranging from folk to hip hop.

The locally based band whose members span the three counties of Armagh, Derry and Donegal are made up of songwriter Oisín Magee on vocals and guitar, Conor McDermott on percussion, Oisín O'Connell on bass, Cathal Mercer on vocals and Ryan Rodgers on lead guitar.

2017 saw the release their third EP, which following 2016’s double EP releases of the Brown EP and the Caravan Sessions

The studio produced four track ‘Brown’ EP is a collection of ambient and upbeat original tracks, while ‘Caravan Sessions’ was recorded over two days on a six track in a caravan at Downings in County Donegal. The EP managed to capture the character and atmosphere of its surroundings albeit throughout a makeshift recording studio, resulting in the production of a professional release. Charm oozed from each track, the powerful lyrics complimented by the hook of the notes.

We caught up with frontman Oisin this week and started by asking what the highlight for the band was this year. “There's been so many moments this year it's hard to pinpoint one, but of course releasing our Blue EP was a personal highlight” said Oisin.

The Easy Street Pickings - Sadness (Never Felt So Good) | Cottage Sessions

The local songwriter revealed how he found the process. “One word? Stressful” laughed the frontman. “Trying to execute your vision is always tough. But we had a great producer in Feargus Murphy and invaluable help from Caolan Austin, so that made it a little better.

“We're happy with the reception 'Blue' has received. A lot of people have come to me saying that they still listen to it in their cars. That's always nice to hear.”

I was curious to find out the reason behind naming two of the new EPs after colours. “I write in notebooks as I find it more organic. It just so happened the first two or three notebooks were brown in colour, the next were blue” explained Oisin.

As 2017 draws to a close, the guys now turn their attention to the new year. “We have no new releases on the horizon at the moment as we're just concentrating on writing” said Oisin.

“2018 will hopefully be similar to this year, if not better with more gigs and recording.”

With so many incredible local acts on the scene at the moment, it’s a great opportunity show your support by giving the gift of local music this year. You can purchase merchandise from The Easy Street Pickings, via Facebook, and be sure to check out their Soundcloud and YouTube pages too! Don't forget to enter our competition here, where you have a chance of winning a host of merchandise from all the acts involved in the campaign.


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