12 Days of Christmas - Give the Gift of Local Music this Year

Since bursting onto the scene in the summer of 2015, pop band Lavengro have been amassing a legion of fans throughout the country.

The young band have fitted a lot into their short time together and have gathered quite a following in the process. They have recently released their second single, ‘Think’ which follows April’s debut release, ‘Take The Fall’.

It’s been another busy year for the local five-piece between writing, recording and pitching up at to a host of award winning festivals such as Electric Picnic, Sea Sessions, and Sunflowerfest. The five local lads have been winning over fans wherever they go with their upbeat funky tracks that have more hooks than a fisherman’s bag.

Lavengro, consisting of Gareth Barrow on vocals, guitarist Dave Healy, Emmet Mc Daid on bass, Jack Kyle on keys and synth along with drummer James Healy, have a sound that is unique, a sound that is infectious and explodes with energy.

The guys are a cracking live act also. Oozing charm and confidence, totally relaxed and at home on stage. It’s obvious these five local lads are on the cusp of the big time.

We caught up with Lavengro to get their take on 2017. “Yeah, we have been really busy this year with festivals especially” said frontman Gareth. “We are delighted with the response we have been getting at gigs and also with our single's being released.”

“We would have to say our stand out moment of 2017 has to be our tour with ‘Taken’” added Emmet. “In Birmingham and Manchester we gained so many fans that we are grateful to have and enjoyed the experience of gigging to an audience that had heard of, and loved our music before we even arrived.”

Their live performances radiate energy, with Gareth a natural frontman at the helm. James explained how they get in the zone: “To be honest it is just a genuine thrill to be performing our own music. That is hype enough and we have worked for this for a long time and feed off each others energy.”

The local band have a party planned for Friday 15th December at Ilico Fitness Studios to officially celebrate the release, which is free to attend. “We cannot wait for it, we have just released the video and it is available on Facebook for anyone who wants to go to our page and check it out” said Dave.

“On the night you can expect  great music from two local acts Emily McCormick and Jamie Donaghy” added Jack. “Also Barrs takeaway have kindly put on a wide spread of pizza and a live performance from ourselves. The event itself will be an alcohol free event but if anyone would like to join us afterwards, we have a secret after party a stones through away from Ilico Studio.”

Lavengro have released the official video for their new track, and Gareth told us all about the video which was recorded locally, including a funny story involving their manager Jonathan.

“During shooting we decided to take a break and have a cup of hot chocolate, our manager Jonathan was being the usual gentleman and carrying the wardrobe bag for the girl in our video. Turns out he had accidentally lifted another cafe goers personal belongings which was very uncomfortable when returning” laughed the frontman.

“We used various places for the shoot, the funfair in Ebrington when it was here, St.Columb’s Park, an apartment in Ardgrange and also the Nerve Centre Studio.

“We are over the moon with the outcome thanks to Conall Melarkey for shooting and editing the video, he is a whiz at what he does” said Gareth. “And we could not be happier with how it turned out” added Dave.

The new track has already been filling the airwaves across the country. It’s great” said James. “Dublin City FM have premiered the track on their Noisy Plug show with Hazey Lake. It’s also been playlisted on URadio and Dermott Wheelan from Today FM told our manager he loves the tune too.

“We were also driving back from practice one night and it came on Highland Radio. That was one of those moments we will never forget.”

Their following has been growing by the day, not only nationally, but internationally as Emmet told us: “We are so grateful we have fans from as far as the Netherlands, and each day we see an increase in followers on Facebook and Twitter.

“We try to engage with our fans as much as possible because they have brought us this far.”

And the local band also rely on the support they receive from local audiences also as Gareth added: “Local support is very important, as we all need to start somewhere and the great thing about our town is that we all seem to get behind one another when necessary.”

And what can we expect in 2018 from Lavengro? “We plan to release some more singles, grow our following and see where that takes us” said Dave.

Jack added: “The plan at the moment is to tour, tour, tour. We want to play as many festivals all over and release more singles.”

With so many incredible local acts on the scene at the moment, it’s a great opportunity show your support by giving the gift of local music this year. You can purchase merchandise from Lavengro via their official website and the new single is also available on Itunes and spotify. Be sure to check their Facebook and YouTube too!

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