Elizabeth Moen brings her european tour to Derry

Bennigans, Saturday 2nd December

American singer-songwriter Elizabeth Moen will be in town this weekend as the Irish leg of her European tour enters the home straight.

On Saturday night (December 2nd), Bennigans Bar will be serenaded by her unforgettable voice and captivating tracks.

Starting off in music by putting her stamp on the covers she adored, for the past few years the folk singer has been writing her own material, and in May of this year she released her first full-length record titled ‘That's All I Wanted’.

We caught up with Elizabeth earlier this week and she began by telling us what life was like growing up in the small Iowa town of Vinton, home to only 5000 people. “There wasn’t a music scene in my small town” explained Elizabeth.

“I taught myself guitar and kind of kept it to myself aside from singing cover songs at the Farmer’s Market a couple times or singing at the old folk’s home during the holidays.

“My passion from music stemmed from listening to all sorts of music as a kid. My parents played all genres from all eras at home and it made me constantly search for other new sounds and styles.”

Iowa City is where she now calls home since attending the University of Iowa. Her time in the city has seen her own music mature helped in part by the lively music scene.

“The Iowa City scene is great because it’s a university town so there are lots of people playing and going to shows. It’s close to Chicago, so some of that scene can come over and play and vice versa.”

Elizabeth Moen "Songbird"

Since embarking on her European tour which started at the end of October, Ireland has really left its mark. “Honestly Ireland has been my favorite spot for music” she said. “I love Paris and Berlin very much, but Dublin is a great hub for music for a lot of genres.

“I want to move here” laughed Elizabeth. “I’ve been smitten by this country and it’s going to be hard to leave.

“Irish audiences have received my music well and it’s been nice playing a variety of shows. Sometimes I’m playing to a rowdy bar crowd and sometimes it’s to attentive audiences like the Ruby Sessions. Either way, people here appreciate music and it makes me work harder to continue to write more.

“And I’m very much looking forward to the show on Saturday. I have yet to visit Northern Ireland and I can't wait!” she said.

This european tour has been full of influences. “I’ve been lucky to meet many local musicians in the Dublin scene from many genres and have learned from their music and showmanship. Some of my favorites are Aaron Rowe, Thumper, Wyvern Lingo, Little Green Cars, Molly Sterling, and Erica Cody. Before I leave I plan on making a playlist of the 50 plus artists I’ve met here in Ireland.”

You can catch Elizabeth Moen at Bennigans Bar on Saturday 2nd of December, and keep an eye out for her next release, a full length LP on vinyl which is set for the spring of 2018.


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