INTERVIEW: Jenny O'Leary Rocking it as Killer Queen

We Will Rock, Millennium Forum, 21 - 26 October 2019

Above, Jenny and the gang in We Will Rock You.

Audiences have been going Ga Ga for Ben Elton’s smash hit musical We Will Rock You since

bursting onto the stage in 2002, and the show has been experienced by over 16 million theatregoers in 19 countries throughout the years.

Consisting of 24 of Queen’s biggest hits which are delivered within a show that has been influenced by the scale and spectacle that marked the bands’ legendary live performances, We Will Rock You will return to the Millennium Forum this month and is Guaranteed to blow your mind.

We caught up with Jenny O’Leary, who takes on the iconic role of Killer Queen, for a chat about the new production.

Jenny began by telling us how the tour has been received so far. “It’s going really really well” said Jenny.

“It has taken off really well and been received really well which is great, and it’s been great fun. It stays true to the original production in terms of script and obviously the music of Queen. But I feel it’s like the We Will Rock You that everybody knows and loves but with a little bit of a facelift” revealled Jenny.

“With new costumes, a new set and new direction. We are working with are the director and choreographer from the Hungary production of We Will Rock You and we’ve obviously been in close contact with Ben Elton and Brian May.

“Brian has been very hands on and keeps popping in which is wonderful. Who doesn’t want to be taught how to sing by Brian May!

“Although it’s not the same production that was in town when it closed a few years ago, it is still very much true to the original shape of the show and we’re still getting the crazy response that they used to get which is amazing.

“Obviously you’re going to get people who love it as it was, but others have been really wowed by the change in costumes and facelift as like to call it. 

“Brian has said that it is one of the strongest vocal casts that it has ever had which is obviously wonderful to hear” revealed Jenny.

Now in its seventeenth year, We Will Rock has stood the test of time and continues to draw large audiences throughout the world, and Jenny believes that its plot is just as relevant today.

“The show itself is set in the future so the premise of the story is something that never ages” explained Jenny. “With Radio GaGa, the song itself is based on autotune and overproduced songs which is at the heart of pop music but that message is still very relevant today. A lot of music is artificially managed pop culture and I don’t think that will be something that ever gets old to discuss. Also with how society is obsessed with phones and social media is within the story itself. 

“My character Killer Queen is all about computers and social networking so there’s lots of references about how our society is being impacted by technology and what dangers there are with that. I think that is why the story itself doesn’t age and doesn’t lose its relevance. 

“It’s also so relevant to what the band were going through at that time within the music industry, and you can hear the story within the words and it will always resonate with different generations” said Jenny.

Jenny went on to explain how she is relishing performing a different role to that which she has been used to. “My career thus far has consisted of characters who have been happy go lucky, such as my last character Martha in the musical Heathers who was really innocent, but sometimes it’s just great to walk on stage and know that you have to own everyone on that stage. And who wouldn’t get a kick out of that little power trip”  laughed Jenny. “It’s just so much fun. I get to be nasty on stage and then lovely when I walk off stage.”

You can catch Jenny in We Will Rock You which will be performed at the Millennium Forum from 21st - 26th October 2019, with tickets from £22. Visit HERE for bookings. 


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