INTERVIEW: Louise DaCosta throws a party as DCR turns One!

Derry’s very own award winning DJ and producer Louise Da Costa set her sights on launching her own label only 12 months ago, and already she has surpassed her aims and then some.

How would you expect DaCosta Records to celebrate its first year in the biz? Yes, you’ve guessed it, with a party! Bennigans Bar will host Ireland’s number one female DJ and friends on Saturday 29th February for a free party from 9pm.

We caught up with Louise ahead of Saturday night’s party to get the lowdown on how the year has gone. “Honestly it's been great” said Louise. 

“We’re delighted to be working with so many talented artists from all over Ireland and across the world. We’ve signed over 40 artists, with our main focus on pushing homegrown talent, but we’ve also welcomed established and emerging artists from USA, Spain, Portugal, Italy, UK, Germany, Malaysia, Serbia and India. 

“Initially I had a three year plan, but we accomplished all that and more within the first year, which was a pleasant surprise to say the least.

“Selling out our Label Party events all across the country, consistent radio play, hitting multiple charts with our tracks and almost 100 releases out within the first 12 months. The support has been truly incredible, so big thanks to everyone that’s got behind us. We’re excited to see what the next year brings” said Louise. 

With so much achieved within the first 12 months, Louise has new ambitions within her sights; “complete world domination” jokes Derry’s own superstar DJ. “Continuing on from last year. We’ve lots of Label Party events lined up nationwide as well as across the water. Currently working with Arts Council, Blubell and various groups delivering DJ Skills/Digital workshops across the north west, with a view to expanding that nationwide and beyond. 

“Of course the big push is on signing and releasing lots more music. If anyone would like to get involved, they can hit us up at”

With so many artists already on the roster, who should we be keeping an eye for in the year ahead? “All of them” replies Louise. “Honestly, they’re such a talented, driven and diverse bunch. You can check all our artists out via Spotify ‘DaCosta Records Releases’ and see for yourself. However as it’s Derry Live List, I must give a shout to a new Derry signing Caothan who's new track ’Beg Me’ is out in March and he has written and performed it himself. I think that it’s going to do really well” said Louise. 

Label aside, the Derry DJ has her own music to keep her busy even more during the year ahead, with new releases and touring on the cards. “I'm looking forward to releasing my second album, but can’t say too much about it just yet” admitted Louise. “As well as all the usual touring, festivals looking forward to heading out to the Far East again through the year and playing across Ireland, Scotland etc. 

“Obviously the big one this weekend is with DaCosta Records 1st birthday and I’m looking forward to headlining the Holi Colours Festival next month. Also, shameless plug, my new track 'Mermaid' is out 28th Feb, so please feel free to check it out on Spotify, iTunes, Beatport etc” revealed Louise.

Louise is also a bit supporter and advocate for not only women having leading roles within the music industry, but also within business. Her own music and label provides a voice for emerging and established female DJs, while her music  she also leads within the , she us voice her own and con 

“I think things are definitely evolving within the music scene, business and society in general, with progress being made on all fronts. 

“Obviously there’s still massive inequity etc, but I do think things are improving and there are a ton of brilliant female entrepreneurs established and emerging from Derry, shout out to them. 

“At DCR we’re proud supporters of the #equalisingmusic campaign. Working in an unstable industry such as the music business is challenging regardless of gender due to the fickle nature of it, but like most other biz, persistence and diversification are keys to success.

“It’s brilliant to see so many women of all ages coming through the ranks and with such confidence. We’ve definitely found a few future stars in our workshops and I’m delighted to watch their progress.”

And advice to the next wave of musicians coming through? “Id advise anyone simply to just get involved, go to a workshop, go to a course, go to events. If you’re not invited to the party, then start your own. Appreciate your local scene, learn and develop there. Be it, own it, do it! Be passionate and persistent” suggested Louise. 

Louise revealed what we can expect this weekend at Bennigans; “Raving and misbehaving. A mix of live acts and DJs from all over Ireland, UK and Spain. Glam Glitterbar from the Bohemian Beauty Babes. It’s access all areas and admission is free. There’s a full visual show, and obviously loads of craic too.

If you are interested in receiving any information on upcoming courses, feel free to contact Frank at for Bluebell and Gasyard course, and for any others contact and they can send full info and availability. 

DaCosta Records 1st Birthday Party takes place on Saturday 29th February from 9pm amd admission is free.


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