INTERVIEW: Marty Coyle to showcase his 'Basork' year as Musician-In-Residence

Nerve Centre, Saturday 3rd June

Marty Coyle’s year as the Nerve Centre’s Musician-in-Residence is set to come to a close with the launch of a new album and exclusive gig this weekend.

Saturday 3rd June will see the multi-instramentalist showcase his new album alongside many of the musicians who he has colaborated with throughout his 12 month term.

Marty summed up for us how his year as Musician-in-Residence has been. “This past year has been absolutely fantastic and has flown by” he said. “It's definitely been the most productive year of my musical career to date.

“I have to give a special mention to my band mates who have been a great support throughout the year, with bassist Marc Forbes co-producing the album with me, and also my wife, who gave birth to our twin daughters a few months into the residency. To say it's been busy would be an understatement.

“I've got to work with some amazing musicians both locally and internationally and have learned so much for everyone I have worked with.”

The new album which is set to be released is entitled ‘Basork’ and combines the musical influences of twelve individual musicians, showcasing their collaboration as an orchestral group.

Marty told us how he was inspired by past musicians who have taken on the role. “I had worked closely with Neil Cowley and David Lyttle throughout their tenures and observed how different both their experiences were” he explained.

“David Lyttle actually mixed the new record and it has been nice getting to know him a bit better throughout the year and am already planning some work with him in the next year.

“One thing that did run throughout the past two residencies though was the high engagement and interaction with local artists. This was top of my to do list and I have met and worked with so many artists over the last year and am grateful for that opportunity.

“Receiving the album on vinyl just last week in the post was a real moment for me and seeing my name on the back of the record with my co-producer Marc gave a real sense of achievement after a years hard work.

“My bandmates really showed up for me and I hope the album gives me an opportunity to present what the guys can do. They are a pleasure to perform with. I think this year really focused us into a work process that we will continue to use. Having a deadline to work to gives that positive kind of pressure and focus. I have to say I really enjoyed it. My wife may contest that though” he laughs.

With a year full of memorable moments, the local musician struggled to pinpoint his favourite. “I couldn't pick one singular highlight as there have been just so many” he said.

“From my first assignment travelling to Morocco, inviting Moroccan musicians to record in Derry, workshops with Rioghnach Connolly and Honeyfeet, to finishing the album and receiving the vinyl, there have been lots of high points.

“I have to say though that the consistent high point of the job was getting to meet new musicians every day and spend my year creating new work. I have loved that, and hope to further my new musical connections after the year is up.”

In his role as the Nerve Centre’s Musician-in-Residence, Marty has worked closely with up-and-coming musicians and is encouraged by the quality of talent. “The local scene has so many creative talents” he said.

“I've worked with great soloists, brass players, singers, songwriters, poets, sound engineers etcetera, from all ages, backgrounds and genres. It's safe to say there is a real passion for music in this city and it's been an honour as a local musician to have had the role of musician in residence over the last year.”

So what’s next for the local musician after his residency comes to end? “The next step for us is to get the album out there this summer and enjoy exploring our live performance with such a big set-up” he explained.

“We have some nice festival slots lined up and also some support gigs with KILA that we're really buzzing about. Just itching to get on stage now to present it. As the last year has allowed so much focus on composition, I have tracks already lined up for the next album and I know some of my bandmates have too.

“I think getting this album pushed throughout the summer is the immediate focus and perhaps starting to arrange the next record at the end of the year. I actively took some time off live performance to concentrate on the last year so I'll be getting back on stage as much as possible over the next year.”

Limited tickets are available for the Basork Album Launch on Saturday 3rd June but you can book your seat by emailing Marty Coyle will finish the year in style by bringing together a number of local and international musicians and collaborators with support on the night from The Underscore Orkestra, Kev Quigley & Jonny Nutt, GRIM,Abby Oliveira, Hannah Surman, Rebecca Mulhern, John Deery, Lucia Mc Guinness, Technopeasant and Tom Bryne.


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