INTERVIEW: Matt Terry dons the Lion's mane for Madagascar

The X-Factor winner is part of the zoo gang

It was inevitable wasn’t it? The popular DreamWorks animated motion picture Madagascar, has made the lion’s jump to the stage and the kids (and grown-up) movie favourite hasn’t disappointed.

Madagascar – A Musical Adventure follows the movie friends as they escape from their home in New York’s Central Park Zoo, and the team have an X-Factor winner in their midst. Matt Terry who won the 2016 series and went on to release ‘When Christmas Comes Around’ as the winner’s single, penned by none other than Ed Sheeran I might add, is now part of the Madagascar team.

Matt has made his theatre debut with this current production and has put on the lion's mane to perform as the main man, or in this case main zoo animal, Alex The Lion.

Speaking about the tour, Matt told us: “The show is going absolutely great and I’m loving it. It’s great to be touring around the country and seeing all the sights and it’s been a lot of fun.

“Everyone has been really surprised about just how it’s been going so far. No-one really expected it” admitted Matt.

“It’s got an amazing set which is a great reflection of the movie. The costumes are amazing too, it’s all incredible really.

“The set is based on crates, and when we go into the wild all the crates open up. It’s very cleverly done” said the Londoner.

Speaking about the change from the pop world to theatre, Matt revealed that he was already well prepared prior to the jump: “I actually trained in musical theatre before X-Factor so I was trained and ready for it which was great. I’d love to do both worlds though. Both worlds are very different, but I like to do the studio stuff of the pop world and then I’ve been asked to do some musicals as well and it’s a blessing to actually do both. That’s the beauty of things these days, you can do both” said Matt.

And the bet thing about performing as a lion? “I think wearing my muscle suit” laughed Matt. “My lion costume is just incredible. It’s got a huge chest and an eight pack, so it’s great.

“The whole show is intense and very hard. We’re obviously dressed up and we do a lot of dancing, singing and acting all at once. It was definitely a challenge but we’ve taking it on very well.”

It’s been a busy year for the singer turned actor, and he revealed that he plans to get back into the studio later this year. “I’ll be back in the studio very soon to do some more writing once I have some time off from the tour” said Matt.

Madagascar The Musical will arrive at the Millennium Forum on Tuesday 6th November and will run until Saturday 10th. Tickets from £16 BOOK HERE



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