INTERVIEW: One Man Town's Tribute to Fallen Stars

'Tribute Night' - Sandinos Bar, Thursday 21st December

A host of local bands will be filling the air with music this Thursday night for a charity night with a difference.

Led at the front by One Man Town, the evening will pay tribute to the late Chris Cornell, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Chester Bennington and David Bowie with all proceeds going to Lighthouse and Make-A-Wish Northern Ireland.

Joining OMT will be a host of special guests including: ROE, PORTS frontman Steven McCool, Emma Gallagher from local alt-rock band Making Monsters, Susie-Blue, Our Krypton Son and lots more.

Speaking about how the idea came about for the charity night, One Man Town’s frontman Graham Maree explained: “It has been an idea that has been in the back of my mind since the death of David Bowie back in January 2016.

“I wanted to hold a charity night in memory of the artist, but as time went by, unfortunately more great musicians passed away who were a huge influence on myself and the band. The timing now seems right for holding an event of this stature.

“Myself and the band grew up listening to alot of these artists, and they have shaped the music we now listen to and how we write our own music so they have been a huge influence on us.

“I was introduced to Tom Petty and David Bowie by my parents when I first starting getting into and playing music. I would always steal their records as I had none of my own. I actually still have them to this day” laughed the local musician.

“When I eventually starting buying my own records one of the first was ‘Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory’ and I was instantly hooked.

“My first experience with Chris Cornell and Soundgarden was thanks to the owner of my local and only record store in my hometown in Donegal. One of the recommendations was ‘Soundgarden’s Badmotorfinger’. It changed everything I knew about music and how you can structure a song in such a unique way while also being absolutely floored by the insane vocals of Chris Cornell.

“We are absolutely over the moon with the guest acts we have joining us on the night and the support they have shown. With rehearsals we have had with them so far, they are definitely going to be making the fallen artists proud.

“They all responded so positively when I approached them and were eager to jump on board to help in any way they could with the event. Derry has such a close community especially in the music scene so it’s brilliant that can all come together on one night to raise money and awareness to three great charities” said Graham.

The charities who will be benefiting from the evening have been specifically chosen by Graham as they hold a connection to the artists who are being celebrated on the night. “The David Bowie and Tom Petty connection would be Make-A-Wish-Foundation Northern Ireland as both artists passed away due to life threatening illness” explained Graham. “This charity grants magical wishes to enrich the lives of children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions, unfortunately some won’t be able to make it home for christmas this year, so helping to raise money for them can help in any way that is needed.        

“Lighthouse, which is a suicide prevention charity and Foyle Search and Rescue would be connected to Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington who both tragically took their own lives earlier in the year.”    

Tribute Night takes place on Thursday 21st December at Sandinos from 9pm with tickets from £5


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