INTERVIEW: Paul Metcalfe reveals why Some Guys Have All The Luck

Millennium Forum, 11th November

Some Guys Have All The Luck, and for frontman Paul Metcalfe it’s sounding like his idol Rod Stewart.

The English singer is currently touring Ireland with his tribute show and will arrive at the Millennium Forum on Sunday, 11th November.

It’s been a busy tour for Paul and one which shows no sign in letting up as the appetite for Rod Stewart is as healthy as ever.

“After Derry we’ve got some UK dates that take us up until Christmas, then we will take a beak and we start all over again on January 2nd, so it’s non stop” said Paul.

“We were at the Millennium Forum in October last year, so what we want to do is come back to Ireland every year and in between times we have short UK tours, and we’ll also be taking it to Europe at the end of next year also. We’ll be starting to spread our wings out to foreign places so it’s all go.

“Rod’s hugely popular, and seems to be even more popular no than ever. He kind of disappeared at the end of the 80’s and into the 90s, but since then he seems to have come back with a vengeance which is great for us because he has a huge fan base around the world” revealed Paul.

And how did his fascination for the award-winning singer begin? “Ever since I was a teenage I was a fan of Rod Stewart” revealed Paul.

“Ever since I heard Maggie May, I was struck by what an amazing voice he had and the spikey hair and the clothes. When I saw him on Top of the Pops, it was a revelation really. I went out and bought the album and have loved him ever since.

“I’m a fan of his and also have the fortune to be able to sing like Rod. I have also picked up his mannerisms along the way too. I was actually performing as Rod years before the show came along, performing at corporate events and parties, things like that. But I had a feeling that if we put a show together and toured theatres that it would work, and that’s proved to be the case. It’s something that appeals to a wide range of people and is going really well.

“I had been watching a lot of video footage of him performing and I’ve studied him from when he was in the seventies right the way through to how he performs now. I studied all his moves and the way he talks between songs, the way he sings, and the way he gets the audience involved. As I researched it all, it started to all sink in and slowly it became natural. It’s second nature now as soon as I walk out on stage. It’s easy for me to slot into feeling that I actually am Rod” said Paul.


Paul spoke with pride about the official seal of approval the show received from Rod Stewart’s very own family members. “His brother Don came to see the show and absolutely loved it. I met him afterwards and he said that I was the best the Rod that he had seen. Apart from his brother of course“ laughed Paul.

“We’ve had his sister Mary come along to see the show three times now and she loves it. Again, she said that I was the closest in voice and mannerisms that she had ever seen. So it’s a great endorsement. I’m very lucky to have that” said Paul.

Rod’s 1971 Number One hit Maggie May was the track that hooked Paul, and it’s also the track that gets the biggest reaction from his audiences. “It’s the song that everyone knows Rod for and seems to always gets everyone going.

“It seems to have a special place in their heart it seems. It was also the song that turned Rod’s fortunes around and made him a star. I really enjoy performing most of all because of the audience’s reaction and also because of my memories of the song as well” said Paul.

And what can the Derry audience expect from the show? “We’ll have a full band but we’ve added a saxophone player to the show which s really exciting” revealed Paul.

“The show is in two halves. In the first half we concentrate on Rood’s early career we do his hits from the early times and some of the songs that he did with The Faces. There’s some anecdotes between the songs where I describe how he’s had a lucky break, or some of the scrapes he got in to.

“Then, the second half of the show we play all the hits and it’s time for a party and we get the audience involved. Usually halfway through the show everyone are on their feet having a whale of a time with big smiles on their faces. It’s a good time show.”

You an catch Some Guys Have All The Luck at the Millennium Forum on Sunday 11th November. Tickets from £16.50 BOOK HERE


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