INTERVIEW: Peter Corry 'The Showman Is Coming’

Millennium Forum, Friday 13th December.

For over 25 years, Belfast producer, singer and actor Peter Corry has performed throughout the world, featuring in a wide range of internationally celebrated musicals in various iconic locations from London’s West End to the MGM in Las Vegas.

He has spent many years touring throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe with his own productions and his latest show, ‘The Showman Is Coming’ will burst onto the Millennium Forum stage on Friday 13th December.

The title and make-up of the show may look similar, but Pete revealed his current production is something completely different to that of Academy Award nominated movie The Greatest Showman. Infact, Hugh Jackman and Co were late to the party as Peter had already penned his cabaret circus inspired production before the movie hit the big screen.

Peter explained how his show came to life: “The Showman is a made up of singers, dancers and circus performers with popular music. It has everything from 80s, 90s right through, and is a very fun entertaining evening.

“I had been doing a show for the past number of years called ‘The Red Velvet Cabaret’ where we were basically doing this style of show. About four or five months before The Greatest Showman movie came out, we had actually put all this in a show with me as the ringmaster. We had the bearded lady and the strong man, and things like that. 

“Low and behold, the movie came out and we thought ‘gosh, we’ve pretty much got this anyway’, so it made sense to put it back out onto the stage again and we received a brilliant reaction everywhere we have gone since” revealed Peter.

Revealing what his first reaction was upon seeing the release of the movie he said: “I just thought; Oh my God, what are the chances. 

“It’s been terrific though and some of the music from that movie is brilliant and we feature a couple of numbers as well as other stuff from the likes of Queen, songs from Moulin Rouge, songs from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, all just great music, everything from Kate Bush through to Michael Buble. It’s an eclectic mix of good music.

“We do the songs with an element of theatre about them. The kids that we have going to it have absolutely loved it, and our different characters too such as our bearded lady, our strongman, our acrobats and jugglers. Visually it’s a feast as well as musically” said Peter.

And the part of the show which gets the biggest reaction? “There’s lots of highlights” admitted Peter. “One moment in particular is when I am singing the Queen song ‘The Show Must Go On’, and our aerial artist is on a thing called the Spanish Web, and it’s quite funny, me singing a song and there’s not a sinner in the audience actually looking at me. They are just sitting there open mouthed at the things that she is doing. 

“I have to say that it is a highlight not because of my singing” laughed Peter, “but just because of what’s going on. But the show has so many good moments within it, it really does.

“It’s a show for all the family, the kids will love it just as much as the adults and will be a great show to see at Christmas” said Peter.

With an impressive CV to boast of, Peter explained where a lot of his influences have come from. “I now have over 25 years experience performing everywhere from the West End to Las Vegas so I have been lucky career wise that I have had a chance to see great shows and be involved in great shows. And from all those shows you do take influences in what you like and what works and you develop your own style. 

“My company Peter Corry Productions has really taken off this year with this, and I am delighted at how well we are doing and how busy we are with many different projects. 

“We have a tour confirmed in Holland next year and Belgium and are looking at Germany also, it’s going to Europe next year and that is the next exciting step for the show.”

‘The Showman Is Coming’ will be performed at the Millennium Forum stage on Friday 13th December with tickets priced at £26.50.





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