It's a big month for NTWRK

We talk to the man behind NTWRK

NTWRK is the brain child of local DJ Ethan McKinney and although it was only conceived in early 2014, he has managed to attract some of the biggest names on the DJ scene to come to his hometown.

This month is yet another busy month for NTWRK, seeing Randomer, Hammer, Nina Kraviz and Deetron all bringing their vinyl to various locations around the city.

When was NTWRK formed and who are the team behind the name?
NTWRK was formed at the start of 2014. Billy & Christy from Mason’s Bar approached me and asked if I was interested in running a monthly event held in both upstairs in Masons and in the Nerve Centre. At the time I was running a smaller night in various venues across the town and financing it myself with a small budget which isn’t ideal when it comes to running events. So to then be offered free reign in booking my favourite acts, I happily obliged. Billy & Christy then left it up to me to book whatever acts I thought would work and it has been successful ever since its formation.

What made you want to get involved in event promotions?
I was always interested in electronic music and began DJing at 15 and from that came the idea of running events when I turned 16.

For you what has been the highlight night for so far in NTWRK’s portfolio of events?
It’s a hard choice. After Almost all of them I get back home thinking “that has to be the best one yet”. But some tend to stick out more than others when thinking back. The first NYTA night in Masons was nuts. Our first birthday in May with Joy O was amazing. I’m a huge fan of Joy O and to have him headline our birthday night in such a small intimate space like Masons was a proud moment. The atmosphere we had for Catz ’n Dogz & Green Velvet in the Nerve Centre both nights was crazy. All very special nights.

What DJ would you most love to bring to Derry?
Joy Orbison was top of my list since starting the night so I guess I would have said that had you asked before May. Although no-one sticks out in particular at the moment. I do have a lot of names in my head but most that I can think of we’re currently in talks with at the moment to bring them here so I’ll have to keep quiet on that. To be given the opportunity to bring all these names to Derry is something I really thankful for.


Joy Orbison - A213

How healthy do you think the local DJ scene is at the moment?
I think it’s at the best it’s ever been. All you have to do is look back on the success of Celtronic’s last festival. They sold out every show this year and it’s been their most successful year yet. The buzz around the town that week was something else and it was all to do with electronic music. More and more people are gaining an interest in the music and it’s great.

You are one of NTWRK residents, who would have been your influences growing up?
My interest in House/Techno began about 5 years ago and since then my main influences have to be Joy O, Boddika & Deetron just to name a few.

NTWRK have a great line-up this month (October), how much work goes on behind the scenes to bring big name DJs to the city?
E-mails, booking flights, booking hotels, equipment hire, e-mails, airport runs, venue set up, e-mails, itineraries, clearing visas and did I mention e-mails?

What are your future aims for NTWRK?
To continue bringing the best names there is to the town. 2016 looks bright.


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