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Creating Contradictions is the first Solo Exhibition from Lisa Kelly.

Since graduating from Liverpool Hope University in 2014 with a BA Hons in Fine Art, Lisa moved back home to Derry where she set up her own studio and began working on a whole new body of work.

In ‘Creating Contradictions’ Lisa’s explores the nature of human nature and our tendencies to create contradictions. With themes of time, lust and absence becoming recurring features throughout the exhibition, her portrait paintings offer a counter-weight to the ‘selfie-culture’, describing the depth of personality and contradicting the shelter provided by the filtered selfie.

We talked to Lisa about her fine art background and inspirations for her upcoming solo exhibition this month.

So tell us about your art background?
When I was young, I grew up around artists and I always knew that I wanted to go to University and study fine art. I went to Liverpool, Hope University to their Creative Campus where there was a great creative community, and it was brilliant. Liverpool now has the biggest collection of Art outside of London, so it was great, I really loved it.

Have you always specialised in painting?
It was mostly painting at University, and mostly portraits, but I starting to get into photos and the use of text during my course. I literally painted during my whole time in the course, but when it came to my degree show I started to work with old family photographs and set up a polaroid series. The project was about routine, based on the 52 weeks of the year comparing the important things we do and the absolute random things we do.

What would be your main influences in your paintings?
I suppose I would say social realism comes out from my paintings, the economy and things like that.
Although ’Creative Contradictions’ starts quite dark, I think it has positive undertones with the freedom of the paint, which is helped by the use of oil paints. I usually base my paintings on my own experiences.

Have you had much interest in your work so far?
I sell some of my paintings on EBay, and most recently I sold 6 paintings to a guy from Norway which was a surprise and great.

How do you see your work developing?
It’s just spontaneous at the moment. Personal experience, and even just wee things like conversations with people, things that happen in the world, and I suppose that’s what will direct it.
This year I set up my studio with the intention of making my work technically stronger, and hopefully I’ve done that, but I don’t try to be too contrived about what I will come up.

Lisa’s exhibition ‘Creating Contradictions’ will run in the Craft Village from the 19th June - 3rd July. The opening night takes place from 7pm, and is open to everyone, with free admission and complimentary drink available. You can check out Lisa’s work via her Facebook page: and also Twitter:


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