Local singer-songwriter Paddy Nash set for a Cottage Session

The Cottage, Saturday 29th July from 6.30pm.

Paddy Nash has been a constant on the local scene. From his days as a member of the Whole Tribe Sings through to present day with his Happy Enchiladas, he has become a local legend and gained an army of fans in the process.

Heavily influenced by everyday issues, politics is often a main focal point within his tracks as his lyrics pull no punches, highlighting and giving voice to what he feels is wrong with society and politics today.

Paddy makes no apologies for addressing subject matter most tend to avoid, and has an incredible knack of combining thought provoking lyrics with a catchy tune.

Where he really excels is in his spell-binding live shows, and this weekend you have a chance to see him as he takes to the stage in ‘Cottage Sessions Episode 6’ with support on the night from Ruairi O’Doherty, formerly of Little Hooks.

Created by the Inner City Trust with the famous ‘Other Voices’ music series in mind, Cottage Sessions aims to showcase and promote the city’s best original music. As well as the incredible live experience on show, the Cottage Sessions also give the audience a chance to meet the artists as well as discover new talent.

Paddy Nash - We are the Dead

On Saturday, 29th July, the Cottage Sessions audience will be treated to an acoustic show as Paddy Nash performs his old hits alongside new material taken from his solo album ‘Gate Fever', which was released in June.

The local sing-songwriter can’t wait to experience the intimate setting of the Cottage Sessions. “I’m really looking forward to it” he admitted.

“Myself and Ruairi went up there last week for an interview and there’s a great vibe from the cottage and from the people who run the sessions.

“The Cottage Sessions is playing a crucial role not only for old boys like me to get a platform but for up and coming talent as well.

“It’s great to have bars that support live original acts but this is going the extra mile and building the night totally around the artists. It’s great that people are supporting it” he said.

The hard working musician will also be returning to his old stomping ground next month at Limavady’s Stendhal Festival, who are another huge supporter of local original music.

“I know the folks who run the festival and believe me they put their heart and souls into making that festival special. I would urge anyone who’s going to take 30 minutes and just walk the site. You’ll see things that’ll make you go wow.

“From a musicians point of view, the professionalism and respect that is shown makes it different from other festivals. A lot of festivals these days see musicians as an afterthought, a distraction almost. Not Stendhal, these folks are music fans first and foremost and they value the input of everyone equally. This year is going to be amazing.”

You can catch ‘Paddy Nash’ with support from ‘Ruairi O’Doherty’ at The Cottage in Derry’s Craft Village on Saturday 29th July from 6.30pm. Tickets are priced at £8 and can be purchased via www.cottagesessions.com. Main photo by  by JA Rouquette.


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