Making Monsters

Before heading off on the road as support act to Fightstar, local band Making Monsters have just spent the month of September touring the length of Ireland.

The female fronted alternative rock band have amassed a legion of fans on their travels over the years and have supported some of the finest bands including Silverstein, We Came As Romans, Max Raptor and Skindred.

With the release of their new four track EP just around the corner we caught up with the band for a chat on all things rock.

What are your musical influences?
Our influences range from pop punk to metal, and everything in between. Bands like The Used, Reuben, Funeral For A Friend, Brand New, Alexisonfire are some of the ones we have most in common.

How would you describe your music?
When we first started out, we would have described ourselves as Alternative Metal, but it seemed too specific and our sound naturally changed over time, now we describe it as alternative rock.

Your latest single ‘Noodle Sync’ was released in August, what more new music can we look forward to hearing in the near future?
We have a load of new material mixed and mastered, hopefully being released in a few months.

You have recently been working on a new video, when is it due for release?
Can’t say just yet, but releasing it very soon!

You guys are just about to hit the road for an extensive Irish and UK tour… what can fans expect from the live shows?
We haven’t toured since the start of the year, since then we have been locked away working on new material. So plenty of new stuff, and of course sweaty energetic live shows.

You have supported some fantastic bands over the years, who would you say you have enjoyed touring with the most… and why?
Probably the guys in Max Raptor, fantastic live band and really lovely people, we also share the same weird sense of humour, very funny guys. We highly recommend catching them live if you get the chance. Skindred and Young Guns would be up there too, all extremely tight live bands.

Out of all the gigs you have played… which stands out the most?
It’s pretty hard to choose one, but we’ll never forget Stendhal Festival 2014, mid set our old bassist Joe was ‘rocking out too hard’, and put his foot through the stage, we couldn’t contain the laughter!

What food (or drink) can you not live without on the road?
Probably McDonalds, simply because there’s nowhere else open after the drives home or on the way to the next show, and if they didn’t exist we would likely starve.

You guys are due to play your home town twice in October, an invite only gig in Trash and later the same night in Sandinos… what’s the best thing about playing locally?
Home town shows are essential, you can never forget your roots and there’s just a different atmosphere, friends and family as well as fans, it’s always a great send off for the start of a tour, or an excellent way to celebrate the last of a run of shows.


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