Moscow Ballet presents Swan Lake

Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece dances its way to the Forum

The world renowned Moscow Ballet has brought the classics to our shores for many years and are constantly in demand worldwide.

Swan Lake is a classic in every sense of the word. Perhaps the most loved of all ballets, I challenge you to find anyone who has not heard of it whether they be a ballet fan or not.

The Moscow Ballet bring world-renowned soloists Nadezda Ivanova, Andrey Shalin, Andrey Lyapin and Dmitry Smirno under the direction of Elik Melikov.

Known by many as ballet’s greatest love story, Swan Lake was composed by Tchaikovsky in 1875 and was initially considered a failure. Now over 140 years later Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece is performed by hundreds of ballet companies throughout the world each year and is one that all leading ballerinas dream of performing in.

Swan Lake is traditionally told in two acts and tells the classic story of how a princess called Odette is turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer’s curse and she must remain a swan, except between midnight and dawn, unless she is saved by true love.

The leading male is Prince Siegfried who has no interest in his royal role, but due to the recent death of his father must now act as king and take a bride. He is determined however to choose a bride whom he loves and during a hunting expedition deep into the forest he sees Princess Odette, the Queen of the Swans. As he is about to shoot, she transforms into the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

Overcome with love he professes his love for Odette and promises to take her as his bride but the evil sorcerer Von Rothbart has other ideas.
A story of hope, love, and loss is the ultimate fairy tale ballet where the power of true love overcomes evil.



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