Millennium Forum, Thursday 4th to Saturday 6th October

MYRA’S STORY is Derry playwright Brian Foster’s new adaptation of his acclaimed play, MAIRE A WOMAN OF DERRY.

The story has now moved from Derry to Dublin, with award nominated actor Fíonna Hewitt-Twamley taking the role of Myra.

Living rough on the streets of Dublin, Myra Mc Laughlin is a foul-mouthed, feisty, street drinker. She is also immensely funny and self- deprecating. Myra never wallows in self-pity as she gives us a hilarious, moving, and ultimately tragic account of her fall from grace. From fresh faced teenage bride living in ‘me da’s corpo house’ in Tallaght, to the pitiful condition we find her in today.

Along her rollercoaster journey, we experience Dublin working class life and death at its funniest and cruellest. We get to meet an assortment of amazing characters who have coloured Myra’s life, including habitual scrounger Tina the Tap, heavy smoker Big Bridie and her husband Jimmy the Tadpole, innocent little Norris the Gnome, and cross-eyed Matilda and her partner, Dublin’s hairiest man, Christy.

You’ll split your sides laughing with Myra. You’ll break your heart crying with Myra. What you’ll never do …is forget her.

Already an award winner in Canada and New York. Hailed as ‘magnificent’ and ‘unmissable’ by the critics. MYRA’S STORY is a theatrical triumph.

Myra's Story will be performed at the Millennium Forum from Thursday 4th to Saturday 6th October. Tickets are now available from the Box Office. Telephone 71 264455 or visit for bookings. Opening night offer: All seats £11.50


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