New EP Release for LORE

Following on from their well-received debut EP, LORE will officially launch ‘Believe’ at the Roe Valley Arts & Cultural Centre in Limavady on Saturday 16th April.
The guys have already released the first single from the much anticipated second EP, their own take on The Undertones classic Teenage Kicks - folk style.
We thought it was about time we found out about the ‘Folk-Lore’ surrounding the band.

How did you guys get together?
We were formed originally as a 3 piece. Two members of the band accidently met Carolann (vocals) at another gig one night when she asked to come up and sing. We agreed to meet later that week to work on our first song ‘You & I’ which we had some words for and a melody. Carolann was then able to finish the song and we recorded this in a friend’s garage/studio! Surprisingly impressed by what we managed to do, we went into Blast Furnace Studios with some more songs and recorded our debut EP.

Where did the band name come from?
Lore comes from ‘Folklore’ and derives from the stories that are told through the songs that we write. This is evident in Carolann lyrics with each one having a particular theme or storyline. We have tried to write songs that people can relate to whilst being melodically appealing.

Your second EP titled ‘Believe’ will be officially launched at The Roe Valley Arts & Cultural Centre this Saturday night, tells us what we can expect from the new EP.
Our sound has certainly developed since our first EP with the addition of Cello, Violin and Double Bass in the songs. They are more dynamic and we were able to play them live before recording them this time so we had a better understanding of how the songs would develop in the studio. This time we have included a cover of the iconic Teenage Kicks from the brilliant Undertones. We have obviously given a very different account of this superb song, a somewhat risky strategy!
We have enjoyed getting the new songs out on the radio and seeing how they have been received by people who may have not heard us before. 

Lore - Teenage Kicks

What is the title track about?
The second single from the EP and title track is the original song ‘Believe’.  Inspired by the eldest daughter of lead singer Carolann, ‘Believe’ encapsulates the unconditional connection between parent and child and the belief they can be all and everything their hearts desire. 
We have worked this song so that it has some beautiful vocal melodies and harmonies that come together in the closing moments of the song.

Your debut EP was so well received, has this placed any added pressure during the build up to the big release?
The best part about any song is writing it, a process that we have enjoyed. We knew with the addition of our new band members, Cliodhna and Rebecca that the songs would sound much better musically and with the added backing vocals of Rebecca. Often the songs will start with a melody which is then taken and developed, with everyone adding something unique. With many of us having distinct musical tastes, often the most challenging part is finding songs that everyone can enjoy playing.

You initially started as a three piece but are now five, what would you say have been the main advantages to producing your music with those extra band members?
We would have a full orchestra if we could afford it! Adding other musicians only make the process of playing live more enjoyable and the sound much more absorbing. Although road trips can be interesting with the extra-large instruments on board!
We knew that adding new musicians would define the sound that we have, however, I’m not sure if we’re finished adding new band members just yet.

What are the plans for 2016?
Plans for 2016 are to continue with the radio airplay that we have very gratefully received so far.   We have had absolutely brilliant support from some local radio stations. Also, we have many good gigs coming up, including providing support to the brilliant Mary Black later this year. In 2015 we were fortunate to support the likes of Cara Dillon and Ciaran Lavery in iconic venues like McGrory’s Backroom which was a great experience for the band.
We plan to write some new material once the EP is launched, and go into the studio a little earlier this time around.  Somewhere along the line, once we have the required material, we would like to do and album and a small matter of touring the world!

Where can people get their hands on the new EP?
Our EP will of course be on sale at the EP Launch.  It’s also available on the usual online outlets including Spotify, I-Tunes and Amazon. We also have some tracks featured on our website and iTunes.



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