Paddy Nash & the Happy Enchiladas

We caught up with the main man to talk about the new album

Paddy Nash is what you would call a local music legend. From many years ago as a member of the ‘Whole Tribe Sings’ through to recent years as leading man of Paddy Nash & the Happy Enchiladas, Paddy has been a regular on the music scene and much loved by fans and musicians alike.
His toe tapping, multi genre, thought provoking tunes have been a constant hit through the years and his latest album titled ‘Laughter & Love’ which was released in May of this year is no different.
We caught up with Paddy to talk music and Enchiladas, and get a snippet of the band’s future plans.

I read that growing up you were influenced by a lot genres in your household. Do you purposely want to incorporate various genres in your music, or is it simply organic?
Totally organic. When I sit down to write a song I have no idea what style will come out. I love all types of music, even the cringy Pop my sisters force fed me as a child.

How would you best describe the music of the Enchiladas?
Folk Rock Country Pop Punk Blues! We’ll steal ideas from Hank Williams to Queen and from Thin Lizzy to The Clash. We’re not fussy.

The Enchiladas always look like they there having great craic on stage and that you personally seem to be really enjoying your music at the minute. How important is that to you, and your ability to write great tunes?
They all look happy because I have a big book with all their secrets haha. Springsteen once said that when you’re on stage you have to play like there’s nothing else in the world.
I try to do that. I love playing music, I hate the setting up and hanging about but when you have a good band and you’re feeling the energy it’s the best feeling therefore playing is really enjoyable. We once played for 6 hours straight, that’s our record. It was some craic.
I never worry about writing great tunes, some people would say they’re average tunes at best, some would say they’re rubbish.
I try to do the best I can for a song when I’m creating it. I write the kind of songs that suit my taste. You hear a lot of artists saying things like ‘I never listen to my music after I record it’ They’re liars, you have to like the music you make, why would you make it otherwise?

Your latest album, ‘Laughter & Love’ has had a great reception, what would you say has been the album’s overall influence, or influences?
The 70’s! I had been listening to a lot of Creedence, Stealers Wheel, Warren Zevon in the run up to picking and writing the songs.
So there’s a 70’s vibe running throughout that’s intentional. When I explained this to the band they came up with ideas for Queen/Eagles-esque harmonies and Thin Lizzy influenced double solos. Also, like the 2 albums before there’s a mixture of personal, political and paradoxical songs. ‘Paddy’s 3 P’s’ as Diane calls it.

The thing that I personally love about your music is the social commentary and stories that the songs tell. Do you purposely try to make the listener think while they are tapping their toes to your music?
Sometimes I’ll write about things that make me angry like injustice, inequality or whatever. I’m Left Wing but I’m not part of the Anti Fun Brigade. Why can’t we laugh and sing and dance our way to the revolution and make it part of our protest and activism?
Most artists in this country shy away from politics because all we’ve really known is the Green and Orange rhetoric that still tries to divide us. I also write about whatever moves me, friends, family and their situations and stories. I believe that if you have to fill a melody with words then why not try and tell a story.

Do you think N. I’s music scene is in a healthy place at the minute?
To be honest I don’t think it’s ever been in a healthy place. Ask any artist who’s out there doing their own music can they sustain a career through gigging and CD/Download sales. Most will tell you no.
How many bands have signed the big deal only to end up touring 8 months a year for petrol money? What happens is they burn themselves out and end up hating the business.
Too many middle men means the last to get paid is the name on the poster. And let’s face it, local Councils aren’t very good at supporting local artists. They overpay out of town acts and pay pittance to the people that they have on their placards celebrating a so-called ‘Music City’.
Skim off the top, bump up the bottom that’s what I say. But there’s a few shining lights in the Dystopia. Glasgowbury left a great legacy for how to run a festival. The folks at Stendhal have it spot on as well.
There’s great local music out there. SOAK, Paul Casey, The Wood Burning Savages, Malojian, The Clameens. They’re all flying at the minute. And with young upstarts like Rebecca Mulhern coming through we might just survive.

What is the bands schedule for the summer months?
We’re doing a few parties, a few festivals and a lot of relaxing. Our hard work doesn’t really start until September.
We have a big show in The Empire on September 11th with Malojian and we’re also back in the studio to record our Christmas single ‘The Wow Wah’ which is a send up of The X Factor. I’m hoping it’s going to be Number 1 so I can retire ;)

To keep posted on what Paddy and the band are up to, you can log on to, or on You can also buy a copy of the album ‘Laughter & Love’ through his website.


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