Rainy Boy Sleep

Since being snapped up by Universal records in March of last year, Rainy Boy Sleep has continued his monumental rise within the UK and Irish music scene grabbing the attention of fans and industry insiders alike.

It’s been a busy few years for the Lifford lad, with his hard work and beautiful song writing paying off. Playing Glastonbury again this year for what was his fourth time in a row, he’s become quite a regular at one of the most famous festivals in the world, while he will also be returning to his old stomping ground Stendhal this month too.

August also sees the release of his latest project ‘Spotlight’ which is a collaboration with Limerick rap artist MC Lynchy, a fascinating musical direction to take and one we are very much looking forward to hearing.

With a forthcoming tour with the Hot House Flowers and the release of his debut album ‘Waiting Games’ later this year, the momentum just keeps going for Rainy Boy Sleep. We caught up with him to chat about all things music… and festivals.

So you were back at Glastonbury this year where you played the John Peel stage and also filled in for Texas too… how much did you enjoy that?
It was probably the best weekend of my entire life. The best thing about Glasto is just embracing the freedom of it all and immersing yourself in the vibe. Who cares if your battery has 3% left - you’ll survive without - worry about that nonsense when you get home.
Both my gigs were such a great buzz, both in very different ways. The John Peel was probably the biggest crowd I’ve played to - it was packed! The next morning I woke up -having partied a bit - and got the word that I’d be filling in for Texas, so all systems go again. It was lovely to come back and play The Acoustic Stage too - I feel like I’m part of the family up there at this stage! I played that set on my own since Reuben got a flight home the night before, and that allowed for a really different dynamic. I got to play a few covers and a few brand new tracks so I was well pleased that I had the chance to play a completely different set.

Next up for you is Stendhal where you’ve also been a regular over the years. From an artist’s perspective, what do you think makes the festival so unique?
The best thing about Stendhal is the whole community working at it. They work so hard all year round making sure that the festival is as quirky and kitsch as possible. The weekend is always what they’re talking about - they’re so dedicated to it, which is a very inspiring thing to see.
Another cool thing is that you have to go explore the site - there are so many cool wee nooks and crannies that you’d otherwise miss if you don’t. And they always have a very interesting line-up too - they dare to be different!

You’ll be hitting the road with the Hot House Flowers come October. What’s the best thing about touring with such an established act?
It’s always interesting to watch a band like them to see how they handle life on the road - I’m always trying to learn from it. The venues are going to be awesome as well. Bigger dressing rooms, bigger stages, bigger audiences - it’s the next level. I can’t wait!

Musical talent from the North West has always been exceptional, but it seems to be phenomenal at the moment with artists like yourself, SOAK and The Clameens (to name a few) gaining huge following across the water, why do you think it’s such a hot bed compared to everywhere else in the UK and Ireland?
I think it’s brilliant that we’re so far out of the way yet creating the strongest collection of bands and musicians per capita probably anywhere at the minute. Bands like Ports, Strength and Wood Burning Savages are also doing great things. There definitely must be something in the water. Or maybe it’s the sound of the water?

You are signed to Universal Ireland. How much freedom have they allowed in regards to recording?
I signed to them with a finished album in my pocket so I’ve had 100% artistic freedom.

What would you say are your main influences when writing and recording?
I’d say just capturing that moment in time in terms of writing. Whatever’s going on in your head at the specific time takes over. Obviously you’ve got your record collection and movies and books which do sway the direction a particular way, but the thing that’s weighing most heavily on my mind is the thing that’s going to be the subject of the song.
Recording is a bit different in the sense that you really have to sit down and study albums. Figure out the typical techniques and ways in which the production sets the song off. Production is a bit more like painting in that respect - all the layers and washes and strokes of the brush.

Which do you enjoy most, recording or performing?
You can’t have one without the other being an original artist, so I might have to have to say both. They’re both such different processes. I suppose the primal root of music is the live performance, so maybe I’d lean a little more that way.

So what’s being released next by Rainy Boy Sleep?
There’s a collaboration with MC Lynchy coming out in August. It’s a song called “Spotlight” which we wrote together. It’s something completely different to anything I’ve released to date, so it’ll be a bit of a curveball to what listeners might be expecting. I’m really looking forward to it!

You can keep up-to-date with what’s happening with Rainy Boy Sleep via the usual socials facebook.com/RainyBoySleep and @RainyBoySleep. There you will also be kept informed about this month’s new release ‘Spotlight’, his collaboration with MC Lynchy.


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