REVIEW: Ghost the Musical... 'Simply Outstanding'

Performing at the Millennium Forum until 16th Feb


Undoubtedly one of the finest love stories to ever hit the big screen, Ghost has made the successful transfer to stage.

Screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin lifted an Oscar for the 1990 film and he has adapted his screenplay for this musical which has been leaving audiences in awe.

The iconic roles are performed to perfection by Niall Sheehy as Sam and Rebekah Lowings as Molly.

A story of love, heartbreak and suspense, Ghost the Musical brought Broadway glam, glitter and exceptional talent to the Forum’s stage on opening night.

The production follows Sam and Molly and how their perfect lives are torn apart following a mugging that results in tragedy as Sam is murdered. Now, with unfinished business trapping Sam between this world and the next, he tries to communicate with Molly in order to warn her about impending danger.

The lighting, special effects and set design are used with great effect and are able to suspend our imaginations, moving us from New York underground to the city skyline.

Everyone involved in this production deserves mention, not only the main characters on stage who all gave outstanding vocal and acting performances, but also the singing chorus of dancers, the musicians, the unseen stage hands and wardrobe staff, who all helped to make this show simply OUTSTANDING.

It delivered beautiful singing, strong upbeat dance routines and a good dose of comic relief that had the audience enthralled from start to finish.

This show delivers on all levels. It delivers with grace and poise and an abundance of pure talent. Everything about this production delighted the audience and they showed their appreciation with a standing ovation amongst riotous cheering and applause.

I loved the film Ghost, now I feel its comes a poor second to this wonderful production. Upon leaving I overheard a member of the audience mention that this production was one of the best shows they had ever seen. I couldn't agree more.

Ghost the Musical will be performed at the Millennium Forum until Saturday 16th February with tickets from £21.50. BOOK HERE


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