REVIEW:Prepare to be amazed by joseph and his technicolor dreamcoat

Running at the Millennium Forum from 30th May - 3rd June

If you ever wanted to go to London and visit a West End show, but the lack of money and time have made it impossible, we have a solution right here in town. Visit the Millennium Forum between now and the 3rd of June.

Joe McElderry, X factor winner, takes to the stage as Joseph retelling the biblical tale of Joseph and his eleven brothers and his coat of many colours.

The production itself is colourful and vibrant; the Millennium stage is transformed by scenery and stage lighting, as well as the odd bust of glittering fireworks. It was a joy to sit back and be entertained; this production appeals to both young and old, and is a feast for both the ears and the eyes.

It was a truly enjoyable evening, from a highly professional cast, who could sing dance and make us laugh all at once. It definitely has the feel good factor, and the audience were dancing in their seats, and toe tapping along to the many memorable songs, such as  Any Dream Will Do and Close Every Door. Eventually we all gave in and took to our feet, to dance along while clapping to the beat, we all wanted more of what was a wonderful experience.

The evening was filled with lots of laughter as the production was littered with comedy moments that the audience picked up on. It was at times fast moving, for both the cast and stage crew, with numerous costume changes, and stage settings. It was such a treat to experience a West End Show here in our own back yard.

Joe McElderry  was a wonderful Joseph, and has a strong singing voice, that complimented the strong voices of the other members of the cast. I also felt he had a great presence on stage and seemed to connect with the audience. He didn’t disappoint, the production was full of energy and charm.

The narrator and Elvis also deserve a mention for the calibre of their individual performances. It was a highly entertaining evening of song and dance that captured the audience and had us swaying and singing along. We also had a local children’s choir performing as the chorus and entertaining us with two individual songs.

This was definitely a West End production as its best on tour, and if you don’t go to see this show you will have missed the opportunity to not only hear and see a professional performance at its best but also be entertained and delighted by the wonderful story that is Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

It truly was an amazing production and I feel I could happily go back again and again, it was such a feel good factor evening.


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