Selene to release new album

Local Symphonic Metal band Selene will release their new album The Forgotten this month

Derry’s very own Symphonic Metal band Selene will be releasing their latest album titled The Forgotten on November 19th.

The album has already been earning rave reviews from various Metal websites from across the world and is currently ranked numero uno on Bandcamp’s Power Metal Release Chart which is a worldwide chart.

We caught up with founding member and lead guitarist John Connor to find out more about the band and the new release.

Where did the band name come from?
I had worked with Shonagh (Lyons) in a band before, and we kind of rebranded and restarted again. We ended up texting each other back and forward, ‘what about this’ and ‘what about that’ and agreed on Selene, which was inspired by a song called My Selene from a band I was listening to called Sonata Arctica. We thought that the name could look good on a t-shirt or on a festival poster so we stuck with it.

We had our entire first release recorded before we even had a name. We were ready to go and it was like ‘what do we put this out as?’

SELENE - The Forgotten (Album Trailer)

What music were you influenced by growing up?
When I was growing up there was no music at all in my home, and whenever I hit fourteen someone told me you really should check out Guns N’ Roses. I went out and bought Appetite for Destruction, Metallica’s Master Puppets and Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast all in the same day. I started to listen to Metal Hammer and found some European bands and really got into that kind of music.

What was the initial vision for the band?
At that point I had a lots of tracks just sitting there and we just thought that we would record them and get them out there to see what interest there was. It was only me and Shonagh at that stage so there was no point in even playing live. We ended up using it as a business card and that’s how we met Cameron (Åhslund-Glass) who got in touch with us online after we posted an ad saying that we were looking for a drummer. Cameron’s the drummer for Darkest Era who are a very popular metal band here so we were lucky he got in touch.

Once the band started to take shape we decided to start playing live. As we are playing live more now I think that the songs are getting heavier and faster mainly because we think it’s more fun. But vision wise it’s pretty much been the same since day one.

Who created the Album artwork?
I did all the artwork. The joy of having creative licence where I can put it all together and make it match the album sound.

What would you say have been the album influences?
I would say European metalist bands like Nightwish were a big influence, but really it’s a surprisingly dark and heavy album. It has a lot of orchestral stuff and the whole album ranges from straight forward rock songs like ‘Never Ending Silence’ to a dance type song called ‘Blood’.

There’s also a song titled ‘Memories’ which we call the Christmas pirate song because it’s in 3/4, it’s Celtic but it has bells in the background and is really Proggy. Then we have a big nine minute finisher which we call the musical song because its melodies aren’t really rock or metal but more like what you would expect in a musical.

Any plans to tour?
Yeah, we will be playing Blazefest next year which is a festival which takes place in Belfast. We’ll also be doing a UK tour at some stage next year too, we’ll be entering negotiations for that pretty soon.

Gig wise, everything is planned for next year because the physical launch of the album has been hectic. At the minute we are actually top of the Bandcamp Power Metal Charts which is a worldwide chart so it’s been insane.


You can get your hands on a copy of the band's new album at which will be released on November 19th.




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