STRATA - An Exhibition from Sashka B Sheils

Echo Echo, Saturday 30th September from 1.30pm

Local artist Sashka B Sheils will launch her latest solo exhibition, titled ‘Strata’ this weekend in an exciting collaboration with the Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company.

‘Strata’ is influenced by Sashka’s assertion that breaking through the ceilings of fear are doorways to freedom that can only be  truly experienced in going through, not around the strata that confronts us all.  The rest is illusion borne out of the gross and desperate need to believe freedom is a given.

“The subject concerns the many layers of our humanity and I believe the various canvases through texture and colour capture what we truly are as the layers get peeled away” explained the local artist.

“This exhibition brings you into the world of the many layers that make us human. The earth is made up of endless strata that home our being and our human form is made up of intricate layers that  are in relation to the vastness of the universe. Yet, we so often limit our identity and that of others, through our daily discourse to words most often stifled by culture, tradition, prejudice, family and religion.

“ As an artist I ask when you view the work to consider the possibility that the paintings you see before you are a reflection of yourself.  

“Intimacy is the most powerful experience through which we uncover the layers and vulnerability our greatest source of strength that allows the barriers to come down, revealing to the self and maybe to the other the deeper more profound and most essential knowledge of who and what we are” said Sashka.

‘Strata’ launches at the Echo Echo Dance Theatre company on Saturday 30th September from 1.30pm and is free to attend.


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