The Docs to release their debut single

Local band The Docs are all set for the big release of their debut single ‘Two Thirty-Four'

Over the years Derry has had a long standing love for Indie Rock and The Docs are the latest young band to take the genre forward to entertain the masses.

Formed in October of last year, the guys have wasted no time in recording their own original music as this month sees the release of their debut single ‘Two Thirty-Four.’
Made up of Cathan Parkhill on lead vocals and trumpet, Oisín Ó Conaill on bass, Oran Hegarty on guitar and Caolan Williamson on drums, The Docs will be officially launching the single at The Yellow Yard on Friday 39th January at 6.15pm with support from The Blue Jeans, The Luna Kicks and Little Arcadia.
We caught up with the man behind the beat, drummer Caolan to get the lowdown on the band.

When did you guys form the band and how did you get together? 
The original band was formed in October 2014 and has progressed with a few different members including the band members now, but the current member setup has been together since September 2015.

How did the name come about?
The city is largely based around a river so it was thrown into a mixture of different names and then as a band we ended up choosing the name.

Who would you say the band as a whole take most inspiration and influence from?
As a band we are all influenced by bands such as The Beatles, The Strypes, but also we do a few different covers of various singers and genres that ego from late 60’s rock and roll till modern Pop, Rock and Indie.

Your debut single 'Two Thirty-Four' is being launched on the 29th of this month at The Yellow Yard, tell us a bit about what the song's about...
The new single ‘Two Thirty-Four’ is about growing up as a teenager and the people that are changing around you without realizing they are not who you originally thought they were. Also it tells a story about the unexpected happenings in life and you don’t know what will be next, however the one thing you will always know throughout these events is who you are and what represents you as a person.

How did you find the journey of releasing your first record?
Through a couple of members being involved in Set the Stage, a Nerve Centre youth project, we were given the opportunity to record one of our originals with the Nerve Centre’s own record label and to record with Glenn Rosborough. We were then given the opportunity to release the single and organize our very own launch night.

As you mentioned, you guys have been involved with the Nerve Centre's Sync Records and Set the Stage Initiatives, how important has it been to have these great local resources for a young band such as yourselves?
These initiatives have been great help and great support to the band since we have first started and for a young band it is great to get to know a lot of the musicians in town and be able to work alongside of people who have been in the music industry for years.

Is there a debut album on the horizon?
We hope for the future to have a debut album released, but we are in the middle of discussing to have an EP to be released as soon as we can.

What are the plans for 2016?
As a band we hope to be gigging more and to put ourselves out in the music industry more in 2016.

You can keep up-to-date with The Docs via their Facebook page here


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