The Easy Street Pickings will launch the new Cottage Sessions

The Craft Village Cottage, Saturday 25th February

Next week, local folk rock band The Easy Street Pickings will help launch a new initiative by the Inner City Trust, to promote local music in a monthly showcase within the picturesque surroundings of the Craft Village.

‘Cottage Sessions’ which will be held in the thatched cottage of the tourist hotspot will provide an intimate venue for established and up-and-coming bands to play over the course of this year.

With a new EP on the horizon and Sessions just around the corner, we caught up with The Easy Street Pickings singer-songwriter Oisín Magee for a catch-up.

“The EP's nearing completion now and there are three tracks in total” said Oisín. “They were recorded in the lovely Smalltown America studios under the stewardship of Caolan Austin and our wonderful producer Feargus Murphy. It's called 'Blue' and should be with us in early April!”


Set to launch the new Cottage Sessions on Saturday 25th of February, the guys are looking forward to being part of the new initiative.”We're delighted to have been considered for the Cottage Sessions” said Oisín.

“There's so much wonderful music being made in Derry at the moment and we're just happy to be in amongst it. The Inner City people have some really good ideas and I'd hope that this Cottage Sessions is just the beginning and continues on for years to come.

“It's vital for original bands to have venues to showcase their craft. Cover music seems to be where it's at at the moment, and that's fine, but for bands who want to write their own stuff I think an initiative such as this one is well needed.”

It’s a venue that will suit the sound of the local band. Their folk rock and funk infusion within an intimate setting in front of a small audience. “Our music has been hailed as the sort you'd read a classic book to while sipping a whiskey and smoking a pipe. I don't condone any of these behaviours myself, you must know; those classics are bad for you” he laughs.

“I would hope that as many people as possibly can be there, but that being said, we will be playing in the Diplomat Bar on the 23rd of this month alongside One Man Town and Reevah. Then, the following day we will playing in the Caboose Club supporting our mates One Man Town again in their bid for total world domination” he laughs. “Then the 25th is the Cottage Sessions and attendance is mandatory!”

“Feel free to check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we've some exciting stuff coming up that we're not at liberty to divulge. Seriously, they warned me. I feel I may be violating it just be thinking about it.”

You can pick up your ticket for the launch of the new Cottage Sessions on Saturday 25th of February here.


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