The Forum's free Youth Arts Festival returns, InterAct 2019!

Millennium Forum, 3-6 July

Above, Mags Carlin (centre) and the team behind InterAct Festival 2019.

With the kids now off school, every parent throughout the city will be trawling the internet and local papers to find out how they can keep them entertained over the coming months.

The Millennium Forum has an answer to that for the first week in July at least with the return of their FREE highly entertaining yet educational, InterAct Festival.

InterAct Festival is spearheaded by the Millennium Forum’s Youth Forum, a group of teens who have been working tirelessly to plan and organise a programme of events since January of this year.

The festival begins on Wednesday 3rd July and runs until Saturday 6th, with a jammed packed schedule which includes workshops in dance, DJ Skills, acting, stand-up comedy, art & design, technical theatre, gaming, creative writing & poetry, yoga and much more.

Interact Youth Festival 2019

Mags Carlin, Festival Director, explained the concept behind the Youth Forum: “The Youth Forum meets throughout the year and receives funding from Children In Need, the Arts Council and also Youth19. 

“There are ten young people from different schools across the town and further afield who meet up once a month and have a chat about different things that might be going on in the theatre, and what they would like to see happen in the future. 

“Their main aim since January has been the Festival. So we have been workshopping and talking about what they would like to see at the festival and what they think other people might be interested in. They were also able to tell me what ways they think we should promote the festival, and the best way to sell it to young people.

“They will actually now be working at the Interact Festival as well. They’ll obviously be allowed to take part in the various workshops, but they will also have an opportunity to have a working position during the festival too” revealed Mags.

The Festival has proved to be a great success over the years and Mags expects this year to be even bigger. “We’re expecting between 200 and 300 young people for the festival” said Mags. “Some workshops have already been filled, both Costume Design and Djing are full at the moment.

“InterAct Festival is an inclusive festival, so we are able to cater for those who have any additional needs. We want to provide an opportunity for those who may think that they can't join in because of whatever disability they might have" said Mags.

The festival finishes with a Showcase event where the creativity and talents of the young people who have taken part in the festival workshops will be on display for all to see. 

“It will be a promenade theatre piece” revealed Mags. “The Youth Forum came up with the idea of ‘Interactive Interact’. 

They had asked; ‘why do we need to go into the auditorium and watch a theatre piece, why can’t we be included in it’. So the audience will be able to interact throughout the Showcase, and there’ll be a lot of surprises, colour and noise throughout the top floor of the Millennium Forum.”

Check out below the list of workshops currently available for InterAct Youth Arts Festival 2019:
Acting & Dance Masterclass – 5th July – BOOK NOW 
Bounce Culture DJ’ing Workshops – 3th – 5th July – BOOK NOW
Programming & Gaming Workshops – 3rd – 4th July – BOOK NOW 
Costume Design Workshops – 3rd – 5th July – BOOK NOW
Stand Up & Comedy Workshops – 3rd – 5th July – BOOK NOW
Stage Beyond Theatre Workshops – 3rd – 5th July – BOOK NOW 
Musical Theatre Workshops – 3rd – 5th July – BOOK NOW
Zumba, Contemporary & Ballroom – 3rd & 4th July – BOOK NOW 
HIP HOP – 4th & 5th July – BOOK NOW 
Theatre Tech (Sound & Lighting) 4th July – BOOK NOW 
Taiko Drumming – 5th & 6th July – BOOK NOW
Creative Writing – 4th & 5th July – BOOK NOW 
Art & Design – 5th July – BOOK NOW
Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation – 3rd & 5th July – BOOK NOW 
Showcase Event – 6th July – BOOK NOW 




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