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We caught up with the guys ahead of their debut EP release

Local four piece The Geneva Experiment are on the verge of releasing their debut EP titled ‘Birthmarks’ and will celebrate with a launch show at Sandinos Bar on Friday 11th March.

Tracks taken from the EP have already received significant airplay on BBC’s Across The Line and the guys are looking forward to unleashing their new music on local ears having worked tirelessly behind the scenes.
With plans of getting back into the studio soon, as well as taking their new tracks on the road, it will be a busy time ahead for the local rockers.
We caught up with the guys ahead of their EP launch show to get the lowdown on The Geneva Experiment.

Who are The Geneva Experiment and how did you get together? 
We are a four piece alternative rock band from Northern Ireland who are made up of James Moore on Vocals, Mike Norton on Lead Guitar, Robert Arbuckle on the bass guitar and last but not least Dylan Norton on the drums. Most of us had met each other for the first time through playing in other bands with the exception of Mike and Dylan who couldn’t avoid each other being brothers.
We all came together through the love of a lot of the same bands and ideas we had when it came to writing songs. We’re always trying to stretch the sound of the band as much as we can when it comes to dynamics. For us it’s more interesting trying to create an atmosphere rather than be conventional. We just hit it off straight away too as friends as when we’re in the same room our goofy sense of humour always seems to come out at full force.

Tell us a bit about the band name… 
Like most bands when they first hit it off, there’s the dreaded choosing of the band name. Has the name already been taken? Can it avoid being used with too many sexual innuendos? The Geneva Experiment was one of those names we had floating about and it just really stuck and had more meaning to how we came together.
The band name derived from the large hadron collider in Geneva. We talked about how we met at gigs and never collaborated musically and this happened for years until we finally came together to create something great, and it kinda reminded us of the particles whirling around the large collider passing each other until they finally collided to create a bang.

Who would you say the band as a whole take most inspiration and influence from? 
There’s a never ending list of influences within the band as we’re always really searching for new things to gravitate to for inspiration. There’s two bands we feel we really have to give credit to from helping shape our sound, and number one would be Deftones as we really just connect with the way they use dynamics and even take simple things and make them sound huge! The second band would be At the Drive-in, as the energy they provoke within their music is just unique and if we could strive to get anywhere close to that we’d be a happy band. 

‘Birthmarks’ is the title for the forthcoming EP, what made you choose that for the title? 
The name Birthmarks we felt really connected with the journey we’re currently on in the band. With this being our first EP release we feel like we need to make a statement and it also symbolises the start of something new. 

The Geneva Experiment - Redroom (Audio)

'Redroom' is the first single of our up coming E.P 'Birthmarks'.

How many tracks are on the EP and what are they about? 
There are 3 tracks in total and the theme of the E.P tends to touch on dark and personal matters. Our first track and first single is entitled "Redroom" its a dark psychological tale of a stalker type character with a POV telling of their twisted world. The second track entitled "Sincerely Yours. E" is a relationship gone wrong title with a message of hope if you are willing to work through the hardship. And our third and final track is entitled "El Capo", this song is a more light-hearted satire track that innocently pokes fun at the obsessive gaming world by creating a dictator fantasy in the mind of a obsessive gamer.

Where was the EP recorded? 
Birthmarks was recorded, mixed and mastered by the absolutely brilliant Neal Calderwood at Manor Park Studios. Neal was really great at helping us take the sound out of our head onto record. We’d also personally like to thank Neal too for being able to put up with us, as I’m sure we did his head in at times when trying to create the little details on the record.

How did you find the journey of releasing your first record?  
Our first releases were singles, Collision and Drive. Both singles were played and featured on BBC's Across the Line with Drive being made ATL's track of the day. We wanted to test the waters and felt singles were the right thing to do that, and with the great response we then decided to record an E.P. We've been really excited and eager to get Birthmarks out there and it hasn’t been an easy road with having to overcome setbacks, but we’re excited to finally get these songs out there and can’t wait to showcase them live.
The way the four of us work, everyone has a voice and influence right down to the final stage, whether it’s from the song to the artwork or music video. So that collaborative process really elicits an array of ideas, and only grows on initial thoughts for the release itself to make it as great as we can.

What next for The Geneva Experiment?
We really want to hit the road and tour all over, try and get birthmarks out to as many towns and people as possible. We are also in talks about shooting a music video for our first single "Redroom" and hope to play festivals in the summer. We also plan on hitting the studio soon with a new repertoire of songs that we have been eagerly preparing.

You can keep up-to-date with all things Geneva Experiment via their Facebook and Bandcamp pages.


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