There's 'Madness In The Method' for the Warriors of the Dystotheque

The Warriors of the Dystotheque have taken the concept of a modern day band to a whole new level.

The four piece are based in three different countries, and use the power of the internet to produce and create what has become the Warriors of the Dystotheque.

The international collaboration is the brainchild of local DJ Jonny McAllister, aka Jonny Mac, and involves Sean Toulon from France and New York instrumentalists ‘The Brothers Nylon’, Mike and Nick Rufolo. Believe it or not, they haven’t even met in person yet, using the wealth of opportunity that the internet brings to their advantage. Their approach to producing music may well be deemed unconventional, but boy oh boy does it work.

With the release of four EP's since their creation in 2015, the WotD have been embraced across major radio stations such as BBC 6 Music, Radio 1 KEXP in the USA and many more. Now they have finally decided to release their debut album, 'Madness in the Method' and again like everything else they have created in the past, it has been created across the internet.

Jonny is no stranger to the DJ scene having spent many years DJing and promoting club nights across the UK, rubbing shoulders with the biggest names in the business. The local DJ actually befriended The Prodigy’s Leeroy after booking the dance legend for his first ever DJ gig, and the pair spent the following three years DJing together.

Orbital’s Phil Hartnoll was next up on the radar. Jonny booked Phil for his first ever DJ slot, and again the pair ending up gigging together for the following two years.

After DJing for 18 years, Jonny grew tired and disillusioned with the scene and decided he needed to take a break. The local DJ came home and isolated himself entirely from his music, admitting he never even turned the radio on during his exile.

However, his love for music hadn’t left him long. With two years worth of dust having gathered, Jonny blew the cobwebs from his records and started to lay down track after track, and created what has now become known as, the Warriors of the Dystotheque.

We caught up with the local DJ this week to talk about how the project has blossomed, and what we can expect from their debut album which will be released later this month.

“I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s been a total shock and a crazy trip since we released the first EP back in 2015” said the local DJ. “It’s just snowballed with every EP getting more and more traction with major radio, so we’re gonna just go with it while it’s working” said Jonny.

“None of us have that same core interests musically at all, but there are several crossovers into each. We are totally open and take on each member’s input, and it’s that which seems to be the freshness of the sound.

“And it’s never the same approach. Sometimes it’s having listened to the likes of Cinematic Orchestra and then Hot Chip, or having watched a movie and heard a cool speech.

“Some of the new material we have on the go at the moment which is penned for album number two was started after a visit to the Boathouse Restaurant in Redcastle on a sunny day.”

The group are also influenced by world politics, and use their music to highlight their discontent with the current state of affairs.

“Yeah, we all feel strongly about the state the world is in at the moment” said Jonny. “With the rich getting richer and the poor getting shafted more than ever on a global scale. Here, it’s the elitist bully boy Tories who’ve got back into power and don’t care for anyone who hasn’t had a silver spoon in their mouths from birth, then in the US, they voted for Trump, the biggest idiot in the world, into power.

“We’ve two tracks on the album which were wrote as a direct reply to these embarrassing and rather scary actions. First was ‘Thou Shalt Not Follow’ and also ‘We’re Taking Control’ which features indie, dance heavyweights, Pop Will Eat Itself.”

Warriors of the Dystotheque: We're Taking Control feat Pop Will Eat Itself By Jonny Delaney

The new album is due to hit the shelves on January 26th, and the local DJ revealed what we can we expect: “Musically, ‘Madness in The Method’ has moments of downtempo, jazzy funk, breaks, cinematic, electronica psych and techno vibes” explained Jonny.

“Basically it’s an album from all our influences. We’ve hooked up with a great distributor in the UK, so it will be distributed throughout all of the major independent record stores in the UK and Ireland. Also on our Bandcamp page where you can pre-order it direct on vinyl or digitally and then the usual outlets Juno, Beatport, iTunes and Spotify from the 26th.

“It consists of 11 tracks, only seven are available on the vinyl with all 11 on the digital version. With several collaborators on vocals, one being Graham Crabb from 90’s heavyweight indie band ‘Pop Will Eat Itself’ on two tracks. ‘Monsters at the Gates’ highlights Graham’s skill with words as he captures the zeitgeist of a world gone mad. He delivers it with such casual demeanour, that we can rest assured, that the calmness is only temporary if he gets his way.

“To accompany this track, we’ve had a 360-degree Virtual Reality Video made so if you have a VR Headset it’s worth getting it on and if not, it can still be experienced on a smartphone. It should be on Vevo via YouTube in the next few days.”

Already the guys are looking ahead to album number two, with one track having already received its first airplay. 'I know You’ll Never Die’ which features Invaderband’s Adam Leonard hit the airwaves on BBC’s Electric Mainline

“We’ve got stuck into some new material and have five new tracks on the desk so we are demo-ing these for the second album which we hope will surface by the end of the year” explained Jonny.

“'I know You’ll Never Die’ is one of the five new tracks and it was done in a matter of a few days. Release wise, maybe by the end of the summer to start the promo for the second album if all goes to plan.

“I heard Adam about a year ago on Stephen McCauley’s BBC Electric Mainline show and contacted him straight away. I had him earmarked to do a track and the results were amazing. He has such a unique voice. Like everything else we have done, it’s been done online. I’ve not even met Adam and he’s only a few miles away the internet” laughed Jonny.

Although Jonny has has already performed various Warriors of the Dystotheque DJ sets, one of the main aims for group is to get all four members together for a physical gig.

“This is the largest hurdle we face with us being all across the globe but we are working on it and hopefully after Easter will have a plan in place to get some rehearsal time and then a tour sorted.

“I’ve done Sunflower Festival the last few years and it’s been awesome. It’s such a laid back festival and there is so much going on. I’m hoping they get me back this year and outside of the band playing live, I’d love to get out and do more WotD DJ sets” said Jonny.

You can grab a copy of the new album from January 26th on Bandcamp or grab it digitally from all the usual outlets Juno, Beatport, iTunes and Spotify. You can keep uptodate with the latest news via Facebook too.

15th, January 2018


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