Void announces first exhibition of 2019

Stereo Object from 12th - 26th January 2019

Void will welcome Scottish artist Liam Crichton with Autumns to exhibit ‘Stereo Object’ as the first exhibition of 2019.

Crichton creates large-scale sculptures and installations that investigate the built environment. His research revolves around concepts of urban voids, hauntology, anti-monuments, post-minimalism, and silence. Aesthetically driven and predominately site-specific, his work is often characterised by a dialectic approach that challenges traditional perceptions and the cultural environment.

Crichton’s installation at Void continues his investigation into the monuments, their meaning and their resonance, both symbolically and materially. Crichton’s field recording of the Walker Memorial (1828) explores the contentious nature of its history whilst invoking a presence of absence, or equally, the absence as presence. The recordings of the monument will capture the resonance of sound through the material of the built environment. In collaboration with Derry musician Autumns (Christina Donaghey) the sounds will be mixed to create a soundtrack for the sculptural environment in the gallery space.

The installation of amplifiers replicates the dimensions of the plinth in sculptural form. The connection between the sound and the sculpture is one of physicality, the viewer through their presence activate the piece through interaction, both with the sound and their presence.

Stereo Object will run at the Void Gallery from 12th to 26th January 2019, with a special preview on Saturday 12th January from 6.30-8.30pm


Everyday Objects Sound Workshop with Ed Devane
To coincide with Stereo Object, Void will welcome back artist Ed Devane for a unique sound workshop, which will explore the different acoustics of everyday materials. Join Ed at Void to explore the art of listening using a simple audio recorder and a listening device that will allow you to record various sounds in the gallery, exploring every day materials, to create your own unique sound piece.

Saturday 26th January 2019 from 2-4pm
Suitable for ages 10-14
Cost: £3 to cover materials
Spaces are limited to 8 participants
To book, please email hello@derryvoid.com


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