Void needs your help for their COVID19 Memorial Sculpture

Void recently announced the recipients of the Plinth Commission, 2020/21 and the first commission by Alan Phelan will launch in September 2020.

The RGB Hyacinth Bucket Challenge Sculpture COVID19 Memorial is a crowd-sourced sculpture made by individual participants in isolation; then assembled together to create the final artwork. The sculpture will be of a hyacinth flower with petals made in papier-mâche. For this sculpture the ‘small flowers’ of the hyacinth are enlarged to the size of a bucket - 2 lightweight domestic buckets are used to make the mould for the flower which is layered with paper to make strong papier-mâché.

Each flower is made by one person, at home, and then returned to Void. The flowers will be assembled by the Void team onto a support structure on site at the Walker Plinth and an opening celebration will take place on the 5th of September. After the exhibition is over, the bucket flower can be collected by each maker and used to make a fruit bowl or wall decoration. 

No massive art-making experience is needed - all the instructions will be provided and a video will be available on Void's Vimeo site which follows the same guide. All materials are supplied by Void with only a few extra things needed which should be around the house.

Materials will be ready for collection on Monday July 20th. Flowers must be returned by the 10th of August. In order to adhere to social distancing please email Maeve at engage@derryvoid.com to arrange a collection time


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