Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company 'In Tall Grass'

A new work in progress piece by the Echo Echo Ensemble will be performed from Thursday 25th to Saturday 27th August

Next weekend will see the Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company present a new theatre work-in progress piece from the Echo Echo Ensemble and under the direction of Alessandra Celesia.

In Tall Grass is a ‘Scrapbook of Scattered Memories’ and is a free event – however donations are welcomed – and will be performed from Thursday 25th, to Saturday 27th August at 7.30pm.

Alessandra Celesia is a multi-talented artist; a very experienced performer, theatre director and film-maker. Originally from Italy, Alessandra spent time living in Northern Ireland in the late 90’s and early 2000’s and is now based in Paris.

Over the past couple of years the Echo Echo have been able to gather the resources and find occasional times to spend together exploring, playing and researching and In Tall Grass is the result of that long term and rather gentle process leading to a more intense period of creation this summer.

Alessandra’s recent work has mostly been in 'new documentary'. She has been making films which invite you to the hidden, quirky, poignant stories of extraordinary, ordinary people. In Tall Grass is an extension of this practice into theatre.

The work is intimate, touching, funny and tragic. As well as some dancing it includes poetry, music, singing, home movies and Soviet era costumes. The performance is accessible to anyone who shares the common human tendencies to be both ordinary and extraordinary, and to enjoy hearing other people’s true stories.

Created and Performed by: Ayesha Mailey, Zoe Ramsey, Tonya Sheina, Janie Doherty, Kelly Quigley and Steve Batts. Created and Directed by: Alessandra Celesia. Running time: +/- 80 minutes and is for ages 14years+.


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