It's an EP full of Water for Oisín Ó Scolaí

Oisín Ó Scolaí & the Virginia Slims are on the cusp of releasing their new EP

Oisín Ó Scolaí returns to Bennigans Bar this weekend with his Virginia Slims to celebrate the release of their latest record ‘An EP full of Water’.

The new EP follows last year’s debut release ‘One for Sorrow, Two for Joy’, but the local singer-songwriter told me how he had been working on his new EP for some time now. “The EP was recorded in the LINK Studio over a two year period with one session in the Nerve Centre too” he said. “Myself, Paddy Danaher and Aaron Sweeney produced the five tracks almost repeatedly until I was finally happy with them, or just got tired.”

There’s been a number of changes in the line-up over the two year period however as Oisín went on to explain “yeah there are eight different musicians who have played in the Virginia Slims over the years that appear on this record, including Velvet Alibi’s Erin Quinn who sang some harmonies.

“At the moment the live band consists of myself, Aaron Sweeney on keys and Eoin Carlin on mandolin and harmonica with drums and bass being added to the occasional show. The tracks are played with strings and stuff so there’s definitely a contrast to the EP with the live sound.”

The five track EP, released on Super Native Records, is a culmination of two years work for the local musician so it must be a huge relief that the record will finally hit the digital shelves. “The timing was probably the most difficult part.

“There isn’t really a good time to release something in an industry that wants nothing to do with you but we figured it was now or never, considering we have so much more to release now. I’ve been eager to get it out there but it’s important not to go into this with high expectations and even more important not to go into it with low ones.

“It was great working with everyone who had something on the EP. Even bringing back old lead guitarist James Graham simply because some of the tracks sounded best with him there. Although it is hard not to hate the songs after working on them for so long, but the in studio reactions have been good so far.”

Oisín ó Scolaí - I'm Not Missing Out

(Lyric Video) - Super Native Records

Oisín ó Scolaí is among the new breed of local musicians who have a hand in every aspect of what they produce. With an obvious professional artistry which is sealed within everything from his personal lyrics to the artwork of his records, Oisín has drawn on his creativity and experience to produce an accomplished and inspired record.

And the title of the EP? “This process began so long ago it’s hard to remember” he said, “but I think the artwork I did came first then the title.

“The idea of the image is that some people view it as a man saving a woman's life and others see him drowning her. Also there’s a sort of music joke their with the songs having a lot of wet reverb.”

Already the local singer-songwriter is looking ahead to more releases this year. “We’ll keep gigging and sell as many copies as we can and we also have a whole bunch of material recorded that need some finishing touches but I don't want to do what I did with ‘An EP Full of Water’ and hold on to it for too long.

“I think our next release shouldn’t take as long and we’ll also be working with some admirable people to put out two music videos for some tracks on this release which I'm excited about.”

You can catch Oisín Ó Scolaí & the Virginia Slims with support from Maya Goldblum for free at Bennigans Bar on Friday 20th January for the official release of ‘An EP Full of Water’.


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