It's Big Small at the Warehouse Gallery

With the Bishop Street Studio Artists first collective exhibition

This coming Saturday, 12th November, The Warehouse  Gallery in Guildhall Square will be opening “The Big Small Exhibition” featuring work from the city’s own Bishop Street Studio artists.  

This will be the studio group’s first collective exhibition at Derry’s premier commercial gallery space, and will feature a selection of smaller works in oil, watercolour and print.

Artist Patsy Brennan explains the thinking behind the artists’ choice to showcase works of a smaller size: “In the Bishop Street Studios we have artists who work in different genres such as landscape, abstract or contemporary art and we also work in different mediums, from oil to fine art printing or watercolour and more so we thought it was important to find a theme that could accommodate so many different styles, mediums, and also a lot of artworks!

"In addition, 'The Big Small Exhibition' will hopefully encourage people who may not think of visiting a commercial gallery to come in, and perhaps they will find something unique for themselves, or a gift for another as all the works will be small and easy to carry away.  We would really like to encourage people to think about supporting not just local artists but also Derry’s craftspeople during this Xmas season.”

Anne Quigley, Curator of the Warehouse Gallery, said; “we have featured a few of the Bishop Street Studio artists in our gallery over the past year, but we have not as yet showcased them altogether. It is really important that the city values our local artists, of whatever discipline, and craftspeople, because they are the ones that help bring our culture to life in the city centre.  Here at the Warehouse Gallery we are pleased to be able to showcase some of the city’s professional artists in 'The Big Small Exhibition' this November. Even if buying fine art is not for you, we would encourage everyone to come in and visit this exhibition, to get to know their local artists, and show their appreciation.”

The Warehouse Gallery is situated next to the Guildhall, at 1-3 Guildhall Street. The Big Small Exhibition is opening on Saturday 12th November at 2 pm, and will be showing until the 26th November. Featured artists include Patsy Brennan, Deirdre Doherty, Catherine Ellis, Aili Fu, Janet Hoy, EmmaJane Logue, Carl Taylor and Amanda Walker.


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