'Mule' a new play from Kat Woods set for The Playhouse

At the Playhouse Theatre on Monday 8th May

Mule, a new play by Fermanagh playwright Kat Woods will be touring theatres across the country next month.

Exploring the murky, hedonistic network of drug smuggling and its apparent female-isation, Mule is inspired by the story of two British women, Michaella McCollum from Dungannon and Melissa Reid from Glasgow, who were caught smuggling 11kg of cocaine out of Peru. The women, both age 20, initially claimed they had been kidnapped by an armed gang, and then later changed their story, pleading guilty in court and saying they were paid for the job.

From the moment the story broke, it set off a cacophonic flurry of responses across the globe. Fleshing out the given facts, journalists and social media users focused in with microscopic detail on their lifestyle choices, their youth, physical appearance and sartorial choices. These two women were christened by the press ‘The Peru Two’.

Award-winning writer-director Kat Woods explores the complex roles of victimhood, media spin and personal tragedy in a flawless two-hander inspired by the real events of ‘The Peru Two’. Delving into a dingy world of fake smiles and real tears, the web of characters involved grow and shrink in a mess of details, lies and carefully guarded truths.

Woods’ universal tale delves into the disconnect between reality and the media. Using multimedia elements, Mule questions how stories are created – who creates them, why we believe them, and what happens when two sides of a story simply don’t match up. Told in Woods’ signature pacy style and episodic structure, Mule is a punchy, high energy hour that has strong appeal to anyone who has ever made a decision they have lived to regret.

You can see Mule at the Playhouse Theatre on Monday 8th May at 8pm with tickets priced from £8.


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