Sous Le Monde to release their debut single 'Suzanne'

Local four piece outfit Sous Le Monde will mark the release of their debut single ‘Suzanne’ at Bennigans bar this week.
Since forming in 2015, the guys have been amassing a following and have already earmarked their next single for release later this year with a debut album to follow.
The guys pride themselves on producing new original music and we caught up with frontman Kevin Nash to find out more about the band and their new track.

Who are Sous Le Monde?
Sous le Monde are made up of Kevin Nash on vocal and guitar, Gerard O’Doherty on lead guitar, Eugene Rainey on bass and backing vocals and Gavin Stevenson  on drums. We are a Derry based four piece rock band, simple as that.

How did you guys form?
I started writing some original again material after a lengthy break (years) from the local scene. Having gone through a number of life milestones which ultimately changed the way I write songs and also rekindled a lost urge to play I turned to Eugene, who himself had just started back playing live, to kick off a new project. We subsequently went on to start a band call ‘Burly Pluck’, which was an acoustic based, middle of the road folk rock but that didn’t last so we found ourselves looking to recruit two new members.
Gav, our drummer is a childhood friend of mine having met when we were eleven. I knew he wanted to do something in music so I coerced him to start playing with us and we have not looked back. We then still lacked another guitar player. I approached a number of my old contacts but all were either doing something else or not interested in starting something original, as the amount of effort need can be arduous over something as simple as a single note so trying to make it enticing to someone just didn’t work.
Then by chance when I was doing a support slot in Bennigans I ran into Gerard’s brother, by chance mentioned I was trying to start a band and as if my fate he said “my brother’s looking to start something” and it’s just built from there.

Burnt - by Sous Le Monde

Sous Le Monde - Acoustic version of Burnt.

Where did the name Sous Le Monde come from?
Oddly this was the name of a song I wrote when I was studying in the aptly named ‘tech’ back in the day, about 1998/99. I was doing the Popular Music course and was in a band on the course, for some reason I sang out the line “Sous Le monde” during a jam.  
I don’t speak French so I have no idea what we were up to. However as the new four piece began to mature so did the sound and a name change was on the table. Randomly then on TV one night I was watching a well-known soap and someone said “Sous Le Monde”, a light bulb went off and that was it.

This week sees the official launch of your debut single titled ‘Suzanne’; tell us a bit about the track and the journey of recording and releasing your first track.
The track Suzanne is the situation of a woman who finds herself trapped by herself and the lack of ability to become close to someone. In the story of the song she does have someone in waiting, but as for many people it’s that one person that you can be in a relationship carousel with, more turbulent complex than the fairground romance depicted so many times.
The journey of recording was one of peaks and troths.
We learnt a lot about our abilities and the sheer time it takes to get organized and get into a Studio. We recorded the track at Small Town America under the care of Caolan Austin and Chris Cassidy. These guys really helped us in our small journey and subsequently became like a fifth and sixth members of the band for our time there, offering opinions, guidance and experience that we invited with open arms.
All in all, it's been a great learning curve.

Sous Le Monde - Suzanne (Official video)

Did you find it difficult choosing which track was to be your debut single?
No. We have known for some time it was going to be Suzanne, from the moment we first played it live we knew, we just gotta record this song.

Is there an EP or album on the horizon?
We have a second track recorded that we did along with Suzanne which we are going to release as our second single from the album and then in the background we will be working on recording the full album over the end of the summer in STA studio.

For those who haven’t heard you guys yet, can you summarise the music of Sous Le Monde in three words?
Light and Shade.

Sous Le Monde play Bennigans Bar on Friday 15th April and you can keep up-to-date with the guys via Facebook, Twitter and Bandcamp.


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