Still, the Blackbird Sings by Dave Duggan

The script-in-hand touring production will hit the road next week.

Still, The Blackbird Sings by Dave Duggan, a script-in-hand touring production will be performed thoughout the city next week.

Produced by Creggan Enterprises, with Dave Duggan as writer/director, Jonathan Burgess as production manager, Codie Morrison as stage manager, the local play features a cast of five which includes: Gary Crossan, Sharon Duffy, Francis Harkin, John Mulkeen and Andrew Porter.

Speaking on behalf of Creggan Enterprises, Conal McFeely, who is acting as producer at Creggan Enterprises, said: “This tour is a major part of Rath Mor's celebration of 25 years as a social enterprise in Creggan, reaching across the city and district. We're always using art and imagination as part of our wider social mission. Putting the show on in Irish Street, The Fountain, Galliagh as well as in Rath Mor, is terrific.”

Writer and Director, Dave Duggan said: “Our production manager, Jonathan Burgess, has played a blinder in putting this tour together. We open in Eglinton and close in Creggan. We're in the new arts centre in the Fountain, the great Studio 2 space in Galliagh and in Ebrington Square twice, once in Ollie's cafe and then in a marquee.”

Still, the Blackbird Sings by Dave Duggan was first produced by The Playhouse in 2010 and tells the story of poet-soldier Francis Ledwidge, who was in Ebrington Barracks in late 1916, in the aftermath of The Easter Rising and The Battle of the Somme.

Five actors bring the story to life, in a brisk telling that is informal yet forceful. A squad of Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, in 1916, are not long returned from war in the East, with tensions growing among them, following the Easter Rising and the Battle of The Somme. Their Lance Corporal and leader is Francis Ledwidge, who write love poems and lyrical verses and wonders if he's made the right choices. When the lists start going up at Ebrington Barracks, for a new campaign in France, tensions boil over as war beckons once more.

Actor Gary Crossan said: “I'm delighted to be back working on another Dave Duggan play, produced in Creggan. It was thrilling to be in DENIZEN in court-houses last year. And before that in McLaughlins hardware shop. There’s always something innovative with Dave and part of a good mix for me after work in the Abbey and the Lyric, and it’s good to be working at home too.”

You can catch the play on the folling dates: Monday 12th September - 12pm Eglinton Community Centre & 8pm Ollies Cafe (Ebrington Square); Tuesday 13th September - 7:30pm Irish Street Community Centre; Wednesday 14th September - 8pm New Gate Arts Centre (Hawkin Street); Thursday 15th September - 8pm Studio 2, Skeogh Industrial Park; Friday 16th September - 4pm Royal British Legion Marquee (Ebrington Square) & 8pm The Hive (Rath Mor Centre). All performances are free to attend.


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