We chat with ZouKa

We had a catch up with music event organiser ZouKa ahead of Chris Hanna's Cellar gig

It’s safe to say that club nights are thriving within the city these days as local event organisers would testify.

We have long been known as Music City with the city hosting some of the finest musicians and DJs over recent years.
A recently addition to the event organising scene are ZouKa, who bring Belfast DJ Chris Hanna to the city for a night to remember at The Cellar. Incidentally, one of Chris’ most memorable gigs was actually in Derry too… he previous told us a story about a surreal moment at the end of the night involving a dance circle and a girl crawled along the ground in the middle…
We caught up with ZouKa to find out what’s coming up for Derry’s newest dance night organiser.

Who are ZouKa?
ZouKa was set up to give upcoming DJ's around the city the opportunity to play with some of the best local and international names in techno and house music. It’s simply about throwing a fun party and having that friendly atmosphere on top of the great music being played!

What DJ would you most love to bring to the city?
That's a tough one with so many good DJ'S out there at the minute but I’d have to say Kydus is doing the business at the minute. Since his release of ‘Free spirit’ on Circus recordings he's went on to gain massive support from the likes of Carl Cox and Yousef as well as a summer residency in Ibiza , He's definitely one to watch and one we hope to bring to Derry very soon.

How healthy do you think the current scene is within the city?
At the minute the scene is as good as it has ever been with the likes of Jika Jika bringing over some of the biggest techno and house DJ'S out there to The Bunker, as well bringing Cocoon in the park to Ebrighton in August.
Even if you’re around The Cellar or Sandinos you only have to look at the crowds they've been generating with the likes of Bekuz and other local nights to see how big the scene really is now.

Next up for Zouka is Belfast DJ Chris Hanna at the Cellar… what can we expect on June 3rd?
Expect plenty of madness with that underground vibe! 

Future plans?
We’re hoping to bring over an international name or two after the summer as well as adding a few more local names to our parties over the summer so should be fun!

You can catch Chris at The Cellar, this Friday night - June 3rd - from 10pm, £5 in.


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