What might DJ Ben Pearce do at The Cellar?

The Underground DJ set to play this Saturday

Silverstreet and The Cellar have been making a habit of attracting some of the finest DJ’s to the city, and this week is no different.

Saturday will see Derry’s very own Confute join forces with well travelled underground DJ Ben Pearce.
Pearce was named DJ Mag's Best Breakthrough Producer in 2013, one year after releasing his deep-house debut ‘What I Might Do’ which became a worldwide anthem while 2016 has seen the release of his debut EP titled ‘Pomelo’.
We had a quick chat with Ben ahead of his performance at The Cellar this Saturday night.

Your music is influenced by a lot of different genres, is that reflective of the music you would have been listening to growing up?
I would say so. I listen to all kinds of music. I never really want to be tied down to a specific style, even when I'm DJing I'll move through genres even in shorter sets, it just interests me. 

You are a Manchester lad, do you think that the city has influenced your particular style?
It probably has but it wasn't conscious, I just started out with music thinking nothing would ever happen. I loved it, I guess that passion came from growing up in such a musically rich city. It's still the best place in my opinion to see bands or any kind of live music. 

Can you remember what it was that made you decide to take life’s great DJ road?
I was still working as a manager in a complaints call centre for three months after ‘What I Might Do’ came out. Three months of going away and DJing abroad twice or more at weekends then coming into work 8am Monday morning. I did it until New Years as I had to be sure I could support myself financially and it was the right choice. 

We hear you’re quite a chef… what would be your signature dish that like to cook up?
I don't think I have one yet, although I made something a few days ago that I was very proud of; Duck, Carrot, Mushroom Tortellini, Burnt Plums, Chard & Red Wine Jus. I thought of it when I was out as I knew I had duck in the fridge, there's a picture on my Instagram for anyone interested.

And what would be the key ingredient for your music that you could not live without?
Bass? Ha, ha. Erm, I'm not sure. Certainly I take wherever I go a set of good headphones, good music is near pointless without a good way to listen to it. I'm wearing Master Dynamic headphones as I write this, the sound is ridiculously good.

What gig would you say stands out most since you first burst onto the scene?
Playing Space Ibiza main room was definitely a defining moment but nearly all of it has been. Even the bad experiences shape you as a person and as a DJ. You have to pay your dues, I certainly did when I was flyering in the rain for an event that lost me lots of money in Manchester. 

What festival are you looking forward to playing most this year?
Lost Village festival without a doubt, it was the best last year for me and looks even better this year

Any new releases planned for this year?
Lots of them! 

You can catch Ben Pearce and Confute at The Cellar on Saturday 21st May from 10pm, £10 in.


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